RoyalMobi Media: Connects Best Class Technology with Programmatic for Digital Marketing


What’s your definition of “Programmatic”? How does your company relate to it?

To put it in simple words, Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of online advertising. First and foremost, programmatic advertising helps buyers and sellers make data-driven decisions and removes the guesswork from the ad buying process. At RoyalMobi, it has helped us to be at the top of transparency, control counter rising ad frauds, and have given the ability to measure return on ad spend accurately.

How did your company start? What is the story of the inception of your company? What was the driving force behind the establishment of your company?

When govt started promoting Digital-first, we being the industry veteran in the digital Ecosystem, get into establishing RoyalMobi Media. As the Head of Global Business, I took the lead, from the front, and was able to create the brand in the digital fraternity.

Since 2017 we are serving our clients in Digital Branding and performance space.

Give us a brief idea about your company’s services?

Advertisers can take use of RoyalMobi’s robust, result-oriented, and self-serve advertising platforms. Our mobile DSP technology allows clients to purchase inventory from a well-known mobile advertising network as well as all major mobile RTB exchanges using simple yet excellent interfaces.

Our ad campaign can be created and managed with ease. It has a patent-pending tool with detailed analytics and easy access.

As we see it, this is the present and future of mobile advertising. In comparison to other available ad-formats, we enable next-level experience, brand engagement, loyalty, and conversion with the addition of mobile video capabilities to our DSP.

In addition, RoyalMobi assists publishers in getting the most out of our platform. We ensure the growth of publishers by providing a variety of services, such as technical tools and significant pay-outs, to help them get where they want to go. We established a gold standard in performance-based affiliate marketing by ensuring greater advertising compliance and affiliate tracking.

Additionally we provide content and app promotion and lead generation services.

What are your company’s key achievements?

We have established ourselves in the digital media branding and performance space. We are the fastest-growing Ad network and simultaneously ventured into Web / CRM / App development.

Now we are looking forward to establishing Royalmobi Media a Digital Icon by serving clients worldwide. We are working towards establishing our self to become a full-fledged Digital Marketing Agency.

Tell us about your background and experience in academia?

I always been focused on attaining practical knowledge rather than cramming up textbooks. I did my schooling and graduated from Christian College Lucknow. Later, I moved to Delhi to pursue my Company Secretary course, but like I said I have always been an ‘out of textbook’ kind of a person I couldn’t continue for long and started gaining practical knowledge in Affiliate Business. As they say, rest is history. Also, I did a couple of online management courses and added digital skills related to Mobile Ecosystem.

What according to you are the leadership skills that propelled you towards success?

We have been following one motto “Let’s Grow together”. So by this, all will be benefitted for all the stakeholder’s Employer, Employee, and Clients.

We do follow “Fail Fast But Fail Differently” but take the lesson and do not repeat the same mistake.

What according to you are the current trends related to Digital Marketing?

Digital media trends are ever-evolving. What’s working today might not work tomorrow and will not work in the next six months. In my opinion, currently, marketing tools are owing to the digital ecosystem. We have developed multiple in-house apps like ViralMunch / FunNgo / CRM and Web properties like

The team is working on launching its Ad platform and event tracking platforms.

Tell us about your team. How has your team strengthened your company’s vows?

Teamwork is Dreamwork, a saying I always swear by. Needless to say that an efficient team can take the company to new heights while an incompetent team can make it see the doomsday.

Talking about my team, they are family and I always like to treat them like one. They have been my constant support in both good and bad business days. We believe in each other and work for the common goal and I guess that’s the most important for any company to grow and strengthen.

Give us an insight into your company’s finance. How do you manage the company’s assets and sponsors/investors?

Ours is a bootstrap organization, we had thought and thin in our journey but the team member supported us wholeheartedly. We kept adding business leaders with different skill sets.

Year of Founding:2017
Founding Information Bootstrap
Founding Members Shwet Kamal / Mayank Gupta
Office LocationsBangalore // Noida

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