Saahas Zero Waste

10. Wilma Rodrigues, Founder - CEO - Saahas Zero Waste - 10 Best Waste Management Companies in India 2022

Ensuring maximum recovery of resources from all streams of waste

Saahas Zero Waste is a socio-environmental enterprise with an overall experience of 18 years in the waste management sector. They believe in a circular economy where all waste is converted to resources. In this context, they leverage technology and data to provide a transparent view of the waste flow and the impact created through responsible waste management. They specialize in designing and executing customized solutions for the goal of zero waste to landfills, especially for bulk waste generators such as technology parks, residential complexes, educational institutions, hotels, and others. In 2018, they were awarded the Swachh Best Practice Award by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as recognition of the work done in the space.

In addition, they work with brands and producers to channel plastic waste and e-waste for responsible processing under their extended producer responsibilities. In 2019, they diverted 10,000 MT of plastic waste from dumpsites and other open spaces under the extended producer responsibility program. To close the loop, they also offer products made from waste such as roofing sheets, clipboards, stationary, upcycled textile products, apparel, and more. Their work supports livelihoods at the base of the pyramid and they consistently strive towards increasing the social impact of their work.

Their services:

Saahas Zero Waste is a pioneer in providing professional decentralized Waste Management solutions in India. Over the past decade, Saahas Zero Waste has developed a good understanding of the dynamics of how residential outfits can be steered towards establishing good residential waste management solutions. It involves close coordination with all stakeholders including Resident Welfare Associations, property managers, resident volunteers, housekeeping teams, and maintenance staff.

In their decentralized model for wet waste disposal management, processing units are set up on-site to convert the wet waste from the premises to compost. They also use centralized and decentralized biogas plants operated by their partners for the biomethylation process of wet waste. The end-product – which is biogas – can be used safely used in your premises for cooking, heating, or generating electricity. Their collection vehicles also run on biogas. Similar to dry waste, the trail of waste managed by them is completely traceable to ensure it reaches the authorized end destinations.

They provide end-to-end waste management services based on the principles of the circular economy. They handle waste sustainably & responsibly for MNCs, tech parks, residential communities, and other bulk generating organizations and institutions. Are you a bulk waste generator? You can connect with them to ensure that your brand becomes zero waste to landfill.


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