Safalgram Development Foundation works on innovations in rural development in villages in India. We aim to bring the best in innovation, empowering rural communities with sustainable, affordable, user-friendly solutions. In the last seven years, we have built 500+ evapotranspiration toilets, one of the area’s first permeable roads, as well as many other projects.



The EvapoTranspiration Toilet (EVT-T) is an on-site sanitation system for the chemical and biological treatment and reuse of household blackwater. The greatest advantage of this design is there is no need to clean or maintain the toilet tank. It is a natural, zero discharge system, digesting, absorbing, and releasing all of the human excreta. If used properly, one unit can last a lifetime for a family of five. It was developed and popularized over the last thirty years+ by permaculturists, especially in North and South America.

Permeable Roads

Permeable roads allow rainwater to pass through into the ground. Rainwater percolates through the road’s layers.

This road design has a few structural advantages, including: reducing storm water runoff, reducing erosion, reducing the heat island effect, and filtering pollutants in the layers. They are also less costly; the costliest input in the interlocking road is the brick and this design uses almost half the quantity of bricks.

Slow Sand Drinking Water Filter

For centuries, humans have made drinking water through slow sand filtration. A slow sand filter is a tank with graded stones that support a layer of sand. The tank is filled with water above the sand. The water passes down through the layers and is purified as they remove particles and microbes.


To bring the best in innovation to rural development with sustainable, affordable, user-friendly solutions. Promoting technologies on th ground for years.


To bring the best in innovation to villages, empowering one community at a time. We offer sustainable, affordable, user-friendly development solutions.

Founding Members

Marta Vanduzer-Snow

Co-Founder, Director. For the last seven years, Marta Vanduzer-Snow has been working in villages in Uttar Pradesh in rural development and innovation, including evapotranspiration toilets, permeable roads and more. Ms. Vanduzer-Snow studied at Lafayette College and New York University. She co-authored a multi-volume set on United States’ foreign policy during the cold war years. Her works have appeared in G24 Papers, Finance and Development, Indian Express.

Amitabh Bhattacharya

Co-Founder, Director. Amitabh spent over a decade in advertising, working with brands like Pepsi, Kit Kat, Reebok, Coca-Cola and Levis, TVS, BPL Mobile. In 2002, He left his job as a creative director with McCann Worldwide India to start Nomad Films, a full-service production house based in Mumbai. Since then he has closely worked with many of the top brands in India and internationally. Today, Nomad is the only Indian production house with an active office in Europe. Just two years old, Nomad Prague is one of the most awarded production houses in the Czech Republic.

Pawan Singh

Co-Founder and Program Coordinator. Since 2014, Pawan Singh works on innovations in rural development. As the Program Coordinator, he oversees and runs many programs in the areas of education, health care and infrastructure – organic farming, water, power, and transport. He has overseen the construction of 400+ evapotranspiration toilets in 7 states in India, one of the area’s first permeable roads, as well as many other projects.


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