Food Safety in India

Any nation’s social and health priorities must include food safety. The recent scandal over one of the world’s leading dairy and food products businesses’ failure to follow food safety regulations has thrown food safety problems in India into closer attention. Food safety is necessary for economic growth and advancement, along with health. The food processing sector in India has enormous employment potential and can increase agricultural product export with farmers receiving the greatest financial benefits provided food safety criteria are met. Despite the presence of food safety laws, adequate implementation of food safety regulations and standards is missing. This is due to an inherent lack of investigation centres of food channels. India has fewer food testing laboratories compared to China and the United States. Food testing technology has seen advances in recent years. However, not all current investigation centres for food safety adopt this technology. Food analysts are seldom present in quantities that will saturate state-run investigation centres. This leads to the premature closure of food testing laboratories.

Hence it has become vital to involve the private sector to overcome the loopholes that state-run food investigation facilities possess. These privately run food-related businesses often establish Food Safety Management Systems based on customer requirements and demands for safe food production. However, it becomes necessary to verify at regular intervals if these companies follow the rules and regulations of the local legislation for food production and safety. One such local legislation is FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India). Similarly, the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006, as well as its Rules and Regulations, have had a significant influence on all food business operators, including the processed food sector, storage and warehouses, and food retailers. This verification is done by SafeFoodz among the many other food audit companies.

Why choose SafeFoodz?

Sanjay Indani is the founder of SafeFoodz Solutions. Various national and international food safety systems and organisations need training in food safety. SafeFoods is the solution for them. Moreover, they need internal screening for the authenticity of their food production methods and food analysis systems which is provided effortlessly by SafeFoodz. One of the key tasks of SafeFoodz is checking the compliance of food safety procedures with Indian legal requirements, such as the Food Safety & Standards Act (FSSA 2006, Rules & Regulations 2011). It works with several food businesses, assisting them with everything from GAP Assessment for Good Manufacturing Practices / Good Hygiene Practices to comprehensive handholding leading to Food Safety Certifications. The company has professionals such as Food Safety Experts, Food Safety Trainers, and Food Technologists and Microbiologists to help a business maintain food safety across the food supply chain.

What does SafeFoodz do?


The company performs a systematic ‘Gap Analysis’ that works to evaluate ongoing food safety procedures in a private firm to a standard for food safety management systems. It assists the company in identifying lacking areas to reduce food safety concerns. This improves the overall business performance and ensures customer protection to gain trust. Gap Assessment assists an organization’s management team and personnel in promptly determining the scale of a certification project, correct funding, and time allocation. It enhances system efficacy while greatly reducing installation time and expense. SafeFoodz Solutions assists the company in evaluating its current management systems, infrastructure, and processes against the requirements or updated revisions of an existing standard to develop a customised compliance plan with the objective of certification.

SafeFoodz follows ‘Internal auditing’ since it is a critical tool for improving and monitoring a company’s performance. Management of risk is improvised twofold through SafeFoodz guided Internal auditing.

In addition to Internal auditing, the company also performs ‘Supplier auditing’ as it is useful to strengthen the supply chain of a company or organisation. Food business operators (FBOs) conduct audits on their suppliers to ensure that they meet their needs. It provides a method for resolving issues before they affect the client or end-user.


Personnel at all levels, from food handlers to food supervisors and managers, benefit from the internationally equivalent training courses provided by SafeFoodz.

Some other services provided by the company are:

  • Food Safety Consultancy &
  • FSSR Compliance

Sanjay Indani, Founder

He is an expert in food safety, HACCP, BRC, and is an FSSC 22000 consultant, trainer, and auditor. He has conducted more than 50 internal auditor training sessions, as well as open sessions in HACCP, ISO 22000 and FSSR. He has also addressed other topics for diverse industries such as milk, tea, coffee, chocolate, pickles, spices, and so on.

Industry Food Technology and Food Safety
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