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“The concept of Sustainability is not abstract. It is our most difficult challenge, our greatest responsibility. And while growth in all of its forms is our goal, achieving it today demands sustainable solutions. We owe it to whoever comes next.”

Ajay Sharma, Founder.

What is Sailax?

Sailax is an Indian company that has grown to five operational offices in three countries today. The current location of Sailax’s headquarters is in Melbourne, Australia. They’ve been working towards sustainability since 2013.

Subsequent to its unique vision and commitment to be unequivocally sustainable, Sailax has developed a range of products that are a cut above and are extensivelydistinct from its competitors.

They’ve assembled the right people to position Sailax as a revolutionizing leader that builds a globally sustainable village – redefining innovation and customer experience across the whole industry.

In simple words, they provide affordable, reliable, and sustainable solutions that encourage people to choose a sustainable lifestyle. They confront the adverse environmental impact of paper business cards head-on with Sailax DBC (Digital Business Cards), a comprehensive app designed to be more than just a digital business card but a tool of engagement.

Sailax’s Distinctiveness

Growth starts today: that’s the simple yet successful premise of Sailax. A robust sustainability policy is entwined into the DNA of their business model. If you look at success stories in their space or any other space, they are often based on very simple ideas.

What makes Sailax unique is their utilization of technology to build a centre of innovation, consistent effort to make it affordable, moreover accessible,and their commitment to continually give back to society.

The need for Sailax

As the economy continues to grow with new small businesses, business cards become an indispensable need. Even in today’s digital age, 27 million business cards are printed daily. But out of the 10 billion cards printed each year, 8 billion are tossed within a week. That’s 88% of the cards printed, leading to the potential loss of approximately 6 million trees. It is to eliminate this vicious cycle, that Sailax DBC is designed.

Sailax DBC also equips entrepreneurs to level up their networking game by providing a platform-a one-stop solution that enhances your networking game, benchmarks your standards, and introduces new ways to showcase your products. It is a solution that is accessible and affordable to everyone that significantly reduces one’s carbon footprint. DBC also reduces the amount of time and money invested in designing, printing, deploying, storing and managing a business card.

Their Noteworthy Achievements

Sailax has had over 100k downloads of the DBC app since its inception in 2020. It is a testament to how DBC has dramatically changed opportunities for networking – their app is being used by employees of tech giants like Tesla and Microsoft.

In August 2021, Sailax DBC was ranked #1 for the best digital business card app on the Playstore. With data security being a primary concern in apps developed to utilize it, rest assured, Sailax DBC is also GDPR regulated. Their contribution to significantly reducing the carbon footprint of today’s climatically threatened world is the most significant achievement of all.

Sailax also boasts itself with state-of-the-art app features such as the AI Scanner, QR code generator, platform-independent shareability, custom branding, and more.

Contactless Sharing is one that particularly stands out and is surely the need of the hour. The feature of Automated updation keeps all recipients of DBC updated on any changes made to the cards even after the card has been shared – this specific feature cuts down a major chunk of overhead expenses for many corporations.

Sailax has also utilized the influence of backlinks to drive traffic in the app. CRM integration is one such feature in DBC that helps every Salesprofessional out there to keep track of their prospects.

Sailax’s other ventures have also been successful at various levels.They have four major brands, Sailax Solar, Sailax LED, Sailax AI, and Sailax DBC. Each of these brands delivers the best in quality products and services.

Sailax AI is the global pioneer in video-based AI monitoring CCTV systems. They have completed several large-scale projects in collaboration with governments like airports and have clients in 22 countries across the globe. Sailax LED in collaboration with various government bodies and agencies has completed over 4.5 successful LED upgrades. Sailax Solar systems are approved by the Clean Energy Council. By investing in various industries, they have taken sustainability to the next level.

Their Inception

The utilitarian good was the driving force behind the formulation of a completely sustainable solution-based company. Sustainable solutions are always perceived to be an expensive/exorbitant choice and sometimes it is.

Sailax identified the need for an affordable sustainable alternative, and they simply took their chance.The difficulty in changing people’s perceptions of sustainable choices was a significant challenge for Sailax.

They had to prove to the public that it wasn’t a ruse or a sham. They had to educate people on the importance of a sustainable solution and its potential benefits.

Deduced from their own experience with office relocation, Sailax had to discard all old business cards and print new ones, with the new address costing them significantly more money and effectively contradicting their sustainable policy.

The team had identified the importance of business cards but also their adverse impact on the environment.

The production of paper business cards not only wipes out the trees that give us oxygen but also uses over 11,000 ounces of water – which is close to nearly 64 days of your child’s water supply. DBC is an attempt to replace an age-old tradition of exchanging paper business cards with digital business cards. The team at Sailax targeted an audience who viewed paper business cards as their primary tool of marketing about a sustainable choice.

In these trying COVID times, a digital business card is not only an option, but a requirement for contactless sharing. The paperless Interactive business card allows one to avoid the paper pollution industry and connect to Today’s Instant Gratification Society faster.

Ajay Sharma, the Founder

In contrast to his own path, coming from a defense background and tutored in Military School Bangalore, Ajay believes that there is no alternative to hard work and that true happiness comes with giving it back to society.

Ajay was inspired by the can-do culture, where people are more focused on how to make something happen instead of why it can’t be done. While having the confidence, he’d figure things out and was determined to be a part of that culture.

Eventually, he had decided that Australia was the place for him. Juggling three different jobs while observing the growing market to learn its plausible applications in India -he completed his MBA majoring in International Business.

“Everyone in a person’s life contributes to our success in some way, although mostly positive, the negative experiences become our motivation to achieve greater heights.” – said Ajay. Sailax’s order of priority goes People-Service-Profit – it has been and will always be, asserted Ajay.

Current Marketing Trends as explained by Sailax

Marketing techniques are dynamic and constantly evolve. However, the right kind of marketing is never caught to the eye as marketing.

There are a few techniques Sailax stands by :

Native advertisements, according to Sailax, are the trojan horses of advertising. It is difficult to distinguish as a sponsored ad to a niche audience because it is similar to advertorials in various forms and on any platform. Sailax also uses Data from advanced buyer behavior tracking to built marketing campaigns, with the factoring of deep machine learning and website tractions.

Moment marketing is when a company’s marketing efforts are focused on reaching out to customers at the right time – when they are already looking for you. That is, you go to them before they deja-vu you.

This method not only captures and maintains attention, but it has also contributed to the relevance of Sailax as a brand. Video marketing is another emerging trend Sailax values. Today, with our attention spans being reduced to that of a goldfish and the constant shift in customer behavior – videos unquestionably help with brand permanence.

Leadership qualities

“Two words- Discipline and Communication It is impossible to expect your team to feel the same about your company as you. But, if you take care of your own people, they go above and beyond delivering exceptional service, and the logical consequence of that is profit.

I do believe that when you have competent people and leadership that actually asks for stretches, you’re going to be better Communication is key.

If your team knows as much about the company as you, you are looking at future leaders.

We have maintained a horizontal open communication channel that keeps everyone in our company connected.

The success that Sailax Group has seen is a credit to its culture and people.” Ajay Sharma, the Founder.

Prospects of Sailax DBC

To mutilate the statistics of an approx of 6 million trees being slashed for the us of business cards.

Their future prospect is to significantly reduce the carbon footprint per per son and to pave the way for a streamlined, modern future. They want to put an end to the practise of exchanging paper business cards, which is not only inefficient but also obsolete in today’s world. Sailax strives to be a one-stop shop for all things related to business cards. They hope to establish themselves as a global sustainable company with cost-effective solutions.

Their Human Resources

An open non-hierarchical communication channel and staff security are key at Sailax. Remote working is their current challenge, and have adapted to it with the use of tech-tools.

Their sole focus, however, is to ensure that their employees feel secure during this trying time by emphasizing the relevance of their contributions.

Year of Founding:2013
Founding Members: Ajay Sharma
Office Locations: Melbourne, Sydney, Bangalore, Noida, Colombo
Company Strength: The Sailax DBC team possesses the ability to lead industry change and deliver to customer commitments. Maintains Significant product variety, and a sustainable business model.
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