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1. Ajay Sharma Founder Sailax Group Best AI Based Surveillance Companies in India 2022

Committed towards greener tomorrow

The Founder’s life journey

In contrast to his own path, his parents were in the defence force, but he says they imparted a sense of discipline and goodness to him. He believed that there was no alternative to hard work and that true happiness came with giving it back to society.

Tutored in a military school, Ajay was inspired by can-do culture, where people are more focused on how to make something happen, instead of why it can’t be done. Therefore, from a young age, he decided he wanted to be part of that culture. While having the confidence he’d figure things out. And eventually, he did, deciding that Australia was the place for him. Juggling three different jobs, meanwhile observing the market to learn its application in India – he completed his studies in International Business.

“When you build a profitable growth track record with teams that you work with consistently, you do get fortunate and that is Sailax. And so I have been fortunate to lead wonderful teams.”

People… Service… Profit – This is the order of priority maintained by Sailax, and it always will be.

Unique solutions by Sailax Group

We are global pioneers in video-based AI Solutions. Sailax AI develops artificial intelligence systems to monitor CCTV, reporting on incidents of interest tailored to client requirements. Swift to commission and cheaper than manual monitoring solutions, our systems enable CCTVs to actively support businesses in several areas, including compliance, security, and business development.

It is in no less than 15 days of the COVID19 breakout that we introduced our Covid Solution. A solution that utilises the existing CCTV systems to mitigate the long term risk of Covid. We have solutions designed to meet the requirements of various industries – Healthcare solutions, Nursing Home solutions, Business Intelligence solutions and many more. One stand-out feature of Sailax AI is that we design bespoke solutions for clients and help install the same in a span of two weeks.

In other words, we design solutions that are highly flexible and equip your system to meet evolving risk landscapes efficiently and robustly.

The inception story of Sailax Group

The tragic 9/11 changed the global security landscape and in the recovery, millions of CCTV cameras were installed. The concomitant surveillance and security boom were feed by several companies, ranging from home-grown firms to multinational giants.

Nevertheless, these systems were merely used as a deterrent, a structural tool rather than an instrument of management enhancement. We realised these footages were nothing but a gold mine of data that could be used for higher purposes. These human-operated systems with a considerable error rate following an inefficient process could be transformed into a fully automated solution, where the data can be used to understand customer behaviour, predict events, and much more.

We endeavour to develop affordable and accessible AI solutions. Become a global brand of affordable Ai-based surveillance solutions – so more businesses can optimise their approach.

The chief USP of Sailax AI is that we do not expect a new capital outlet. Our solutions integrate with the existing CCTV systems and transform them into advanced deep machine learning technology. We collaborate with an established AI company to design solutions by recognising the need of the hour.

The driving force behind the establishment 

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is rapidly proliferating around the world. Businesses harness AI capabilities to improve analytical processing; city officials tap AI to monitor traffic congestion and oversee smart energy metering. As avant-gardists and pioneers of video-based AI surveillance, Sailax AI has been dedicated to developing innovative solutions for businesses with a keen focus on bettering life with technology. 

Our surveillance solutions have capabilities that can transform the ability of states and CCTV infrastructure into a proactive management tool.

AI tech solutions are often perceived to be an expensive/exorbitant choice. We identified the market for an affordable, sustainable alternative, and we took our chance. The idea that propelled was simply the need recognised. Sailax AI develops, bespoke solutions to make operations more effective, staff more productive and organizations more profitable.

Strength of Sailax Group

We have harnessed the existing technology to build an innovative cutthroat solution that can revolutionise the security industry.

Sailax AI has a robust sustainability policy entwined into the DNA of our business model. The key strength of Sailax AI as a solution is its ability to integrate with the existing CCTV infrastructure and transform it into an advanced tool. Sailax solutions also help businesses reduce or even eliminate human error and overhead costs. 

Our solutions are designed to be affordable & accessible not only to governments and large manufacturers but to every business in need.

Our strength as a company is our rigour to meet the immediate need of the current and consistent effort to make it affordable, sustainable and innovative. To become a global brand is a core enabler of digital transformation for businesses and governments.

Opinion on current trends related to AI 

Only 7% of companies don’t use AI but are looking into it. To accelerate the digital transformation of businesses and states and optimize efficiency.

Artificial intelligence today plays a massive role in strengthening and transforming industries around the globe. Be it surveillance or identifying market trends, customer behaviour or more.

AI is in almost every tech device we use and is an inevitable part of the future.

In India, the number of cameras can be attributed to mass urbanisation, rising crime, and scarcity of urban resources. Overall, there is a rising middle class that wishes to protect itself with the use of CCTV cameras.

According to the Delhi Economic Survey 2020-21, for safety & surveillance, the installation of CCTV cameras in each assembly was increased to 4,000 from 2,000.

Company’s key achievements

In over 17 years of experience in varied ventures, we have taken sustainability to the next level.

We have four major brands: Sailax Solar, Sailax LED, Sailax AI, and Sailax DBC. Each of these brands delivers the best in quality products and services.

Sailax AI was introduced to the Sailax Group of businesses in 2018 with a keen focus to enhance lives with technology. The brilliant team at Sailax AI is determined to design and deliver AI-Based.

The company have accomplished several projects in collaboration with governments – airports, train stations and in other fields of manufacturing, hospitality etc. We have clients all across the globe in 22 countries.

Sailax Solar provides you with high-quality solar panel systems at affordable prices and our exceptional systems are approved by the Clean Energy Council. We have clients across Victoria and New South Wales.

Sailax LED, in collaboration with the Victoria and NSW government, has completed over 3M successful LED upgrades. The company continues its constant endeavour to get closer to building a sustainable planet.

Sailax AI’s brilliant team is determined to design and deliver AI-Based solutions. We have clients in 22 countries across the globe. We have completed several projects in collaboration with hospitality.

Sailax DBC, besides being new in the market is already the best-rated business card app on the play store.

Our consistent efforts have helped significantly reduce our carbon footprint. One of the most recent accomplishments we believe we have is that, despite having 70% of our operations under lockdown, we have maintained our ship of employees and pushed through very well.

Future prospects of Sailax Group

This is our future prospect:- To rollout solutions on a large scale to help significant aspects of a functional society.

The traffic solution to eliminate bottlenecks predict accidents and traffic flow. Business Intelligence solution to examine consumer behaviour and patterns in a business establishment. Sailax AI has developed both: real-time & non-real-time solutions to assist clients based on their unique requirements.

Year of Founding2018
Funding InformationHundred Per cent Self-Funded
Founding Members:Ajay Sharma
Office LocationsLondon, Melbourne, Sydney, Bangalore
Company StrengthApart from consistently and passionately working towards building a sustainable global village – we aim to lead in product innovation, focus on customer satisfaction and achieve a new high of utilitarian good as a company.

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