4. Anil Kumar SG Founder CEO Samunnati Top 10 Rising Startups In Chennai 2022

Agri-network for a better agri-trade system

India’s largest agricultural enterprise, Samunnati is an open agricultural network to unlock the trillions of Indian agricultural power and smallholder farmers within it. Remaining faithful to its name, Samunnati represents the combined growth and prosperity of the Agri ecosystem. By providing a whole range of pricing, Agri Commerce and Agri Finance solutions for Samunnati allow Farmer Collectives and its major ecosystem to operate efficiently and produce several technically empowered interventions and collaborative partnerships.

Headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, Samunnati is located in more than 100 Agri value chains distributed in 22 regions of India and has provided them with more than $ 1Bn of total value in its journey up to now. Samunnati currently has access to 1500+ Farmer Collective members with more than 6 million farmer members and thinks it will affect one in every 4 farmers’ homes through the network by 2027.

Samunnati provides customized financial solutions for value chain players across the value chain to manage effective cash gaps and Samunnati’s model focuses on becoming an internal player in the Value Chain rather than just a provider of financial solutions. Samunnati takes the path of the eco-system and utilizes the power of Aggregation Social Capital & Trade Capital among value chain players.

Their Agri Commerce

Samunnati assists agribusinesses in growth and transformation by providing Agri Commerce solutions in addition to financial interventions. Such support is provided by the establishment of market communications and trading solutions. Through Samunnati’s social and business finance model, Agri Enterprise is experiencing growth through market interaction.

Their Trade Solutions

  • Bill to Ship to Model – These solutions are provided by Samunnati Agro Solutions, a subsidiary of Samunnati Finance. The bill to be submitted for modeling is when the seller sells the products to the consumer and then sends the credit to Samunnati. The model enables the consumer to purchase the required goods on time. By paying suppliers on behalf of the buyer, Samunnati facilitates the smooth running of the goods.
  • Physical Trade – The physical trade is taken up, with Samunnati registering as a modern merchant and merchant and supplying goods in bulk. Goods are purchased at the regular market or in manufacturers’ collections and delivered to modern retailers after charging.


They want to make markets work for smallholder farmers and make agricultural prices more efficient. They want to provide emerging farmers and agribusinesses access to markets through financial interventions, market linkages, and advisory services so that businesses and chains can operate at a high level of efficiency and thus benefit all stakeholders in the agricultural value chain.


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