Sanjeevani Hospital: Gynecology, Radiology, Paediatrics, Physiotherapy, General Medicine, and General Surgery


Sanjeevani Hospital is conveniently located in Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra, and is regarded for providing the best and most effective treatment. As a result, the patients have a strong sense of trust and connection with us. Gynecology, Radiology, Paediatrics, Physiotherapy, General Medicine, and General Surgery are some of our areas of expertise. We provide excellent service to patients and assist them in resolving any issues they may be experiencing.

Dr. Lakshmi Swetha Karlapudi

Dr. Lakshmi Swetha Karlapudi is an Infertility Specialist and Obstetrician who specializes in treating infertility.

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology offers excellent services in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology, with an experienced team of Gynaecologists, a well-qualified Colposcopist and Hysteroscopist, a well-trained Endoscopic Surgeon, and a highly trained and experienced Sexologist and sex counselor.

A Menopause and Well Woman Clinic, as well as a High-Risk Pregnancy and Infertility Clinic, are available at the department. Epidural anesthesia for painless labor is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, under the supervision of the greatest team of anesthesiologists.

Her areas of expertise include pregnancy care, high-risk pregnancies, She Is Also Having Expertise In PCOD Treatment, obstetrics (pregnancy), laparoscopic Surgery, Family Planning Surgery, Medical Termination Treatment. Infertility Treatment Is a Speciality Of Sanjeevani Hospital, Here patients get the Best Treatment of Best IVF Treatment, ET(Embryo Transfer), Normal Delivery & All Treatment Related To Woman’s Health.

During her MBBS, she was the most outgoing student in her class and received a gold award. She earned her master’s degree in obstetrics and gynecology from the reputed DNB – National Board of Examinations in Delhi. After witnessing a lack of effective ethical treatment for disturbed couples in India, she decided to specialize in reproductive medicine.

Their Services

1. Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Sanjeevani Hospital provides highly specialized maternity and perinatal care to ensure a healthy baby’s safe delivery. We have a team of skilled medical specialists committed to the hospital who keep a close eye on the various phases of pregnancy. We offer prenatal and postpartum treatment as well as counseling to expecting and new mothers. In the event of complex or high-risk childbirth, we provide prompt medical help. Sanjeevani Women’s and Children’s Hospital has a three-decade track record of excellence in childcare, women’s care, and fertility.

2. Radiology

We are one of the best radiologist doctors in the area, specializing in high-quality, precise medical imaging. Sanjeevani Hospital’s Radiology Department is a premier multispecialty department in Pune, providing a full range of diagnostic and interventional services. The department’s experts specialize in a variety of super specialties. Sanjeevani radiologist doctor specializes in employing medical imaging techniques such as x-rays, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear medicine, positron emission tomography (PET), fusion imaging, and ultrasound to diagnose and treat disease and damage.

3. Physiotherapy

When someone is impacted by an injury, sickness, or a developmental or another handicap, physiotherapy can help restore movement and function as close to normal as feasible.

It is a modern medical professional degree that equips physiotherapists with the knowledge and skills to examine, diagnose, and treat musculoskeletal pain, paralysis, and lifestyle disorders. Physical therapists specialize in treating pain and DYSFUNCTION through movement.

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