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SDL Globe Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ( inshort “SDL”) is one of the leading Software Development Company founded in 2009, providing Enterprise Solutions and Consulting Services.

SDL is differentiated by its tradition of unsurpassed technology expertise its strong track record of delivery and its experienced, enthusiastic people. SDL leadership in client and employee satisfaction has been recognized nationwide today. SDL was started with the main aim of providing state-of-the-art IT solutions to various industries in the region that will enable them to grow and compete in a global environment. SDL specialization is for providing the smart and intelligent solutions to our technology savvy clients all over the world, from start-up companies to corporate giants.

We have a resource pool of top notch IT specialists to provide intelligent solutions to our clients and partners. SDL people’s solutions continuously engage in upgrading its knowledge on the latest trends and technologies in the IT industry to research, develop, integrate

Product description:

SmartH2R modules shape an intersection in between Human Resource Management (HRM) and Information Technology. It merges HRM as a discipline and in particular it’s basic HR activities and processes with the information technology field. Our HRMS product is more of a solution to all activities performed by the Human Resource department.

It consists of range of functionalities covering the entire gamut of daily as well as dependent activities performed by the HR department. All functions from joining, training, payroll, leave, travel, helpdesk, appraisal and employee exit features have been automated.

On Boarding

Onboarding is an integrated and configurable module of our HRMS that helps you efficiently process new hires by automating many of the time consuming tasks associated with the hiring process. Read the benefits of.

Dashboard Management

Get a rich dashboard for Admin, HR, Employee etc. smartH2R has customizable 3 D real time updatable Business Intelligence dashboards in each module. It has many chart types and colour pallets to suit the end.

Employee Self Service

The Employee Self Service Portal is a powerful tool providing employees the ability to view and update personal information via the web without having to go through the HR staff. The functionality of this module spans.

Travel Management

SDL Travel Management module enables you to manage requests for travel with ease and flexibility. Our travel module seamlessly integrates commercial, chartered and self-operated travel on any mode of transportation.

Leave Management

Leave Management is a workflow-based system that automates the leave application and approval process. This system enables users to apply for leave online and to view the status of the application as well as the.

Training Management

SmartH2R Training Management software provides complete automation of training activities, customizable to client’s need. Smart H2R is comprehensive software meant to help manage employee information and.

Recruitment Management

Smart H2R – Recruitment & Applicant Module provides a comprehensive solution for the entire recruitment process, including requests for staff, approval of vacancies, entering requirements, capturing candidates information.

Employee Data Bank

The Employee Data Bank Module maintains all relevant employee related information, including different types of personal information, detailed qualifications and work experience, job related information etc.

Information Center

The core function of this module is to ensure that the Organization’s employment relations are conducive to optimizing the contributions of its human resources. The smartH2R information center Module helps.

Payroll Management

SmartH2R Payroll is specially designed and developed for INDIAN and global organization, is Web based applications and can be integrated with attendance system. Supports pay slip, IT declarations, YTD statement.

Appraisal Management

Users connect with interfaces that focus on their needs. At HRMS, we strive to balance business goals and user expectations with simple, functional, and appealing user interface designs. These result from indepth.

Attendance Management

The Time & Attendance Module automates time tracking related processes and enhances the organization’s performance by eliminating paperwork and manual processes associated with time and attendance.

Exit Management

Employee can access Exit Management module through ESS. This module allows employees to Initiate Exit Process (It is also initiated by Manager, depending on the company policy) Keep track on no dues status.

Product description:

SDL ERP solutions automate and streamline your most important business processes, helping to improve productivity and providing visibility into every area of your operations.

By implementing an ERP solution with the focus and functionality to fit your vertical business, you can streamline business processes across your entire business by improving efficiency and gain real-time visibility into inventory, sales, purchasing, and financial data.

Key Differentiators for SDL ERP Live

Ease of Use

Customized Automation of Business Process

Training required is very less

Good support service

Customer Relationship Management

The SDL CRM solutions consistently drives more sales success than any other application. High user adoption, a complete suite of tools, and powerful customization to support any sales process to make it the only choice for sales reps.

Production / Manufacturing

SDL ERP Live production/ manufacturing module helps customers to achieve greater operational efficiency, leaner production and higher profits. Our software is designed by industry experts from various verticals which.

Financial Management

General ledger is at the core of ERP Live financial management system, which encompasses the functions that are required to maintain one or more sets of books, generate financial reports, manage cash and fixed assets.

Sales & Enquiry Management

SDL ERP Live Sales management system provides small & midsized businesses a software solution with fully-integrated sales order management that simplifies both pre-sale and post-sales activities and back office operations.

Purchase Management

SDL ERP Live Purchasing management module is a repository of purchasing history information that can be accessed by all authorized company personnel. Quick access to current & historical pricing.

Inventory Management

While inventory management can be a standalone application, typically the software is bundled into warehouse management or supply chain management systems.

The ERP Live inventory management module is used by retail.

“As a Founder & CEO of the SmartDrive Labs, provide the strategic vision, planning, and operational leadership to ensure the company’s investments optimize company’s ability to compete in a global economy and increase the level of benefit derived.

Responsible and accountable for overall achievement of SmartDrive Labs Business objectives with efficient and effective operations of the Company, overseeing interaction with external stakeholders and provide leadership to, and management of employees. With strategic and technical skills provide leadership through performance-based management principles.

Responsible for developing and effectively implementing the vision for the company ensuring the appropriate program design and support mechanisms are in place.

Operating within an environment of dynamic challenges and maintain a careful balancing act on the basis of sound industry practices and policies. Establish a strong network to ensure business growth in all horizons.

As a CEO committed to provide vision and energy towards advancing the Company and its business model working closely with all stakeholders to influence cooperation, increase understanding, and facilitate collaboration towards a common goal – a vibrant and sustainable IT Company.

In simple, Responsible and Accountable for:

 Strategic & Operational Planning

 Stakeholder Relations

 Corporate Organization and Policies

 Leadership of Human Resources

 Financial Management

 Resource Acquisition, Allocation and Utilization

 Internal & External Communications – acts as Company spokesperson

 Abreast with Business and Economic Environment”


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