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1. Geoffrey Nelson CEO SEGEN R_D (OPC) Private Limited 10 Best Leaders in Automotive Industry 2022

Design engineers committed to the future of aerodynamic vehicles

Tell us about your company Goal and Vision. Tell us about the challenges and how you managed to overcome them.

Goal: To provide world-class products and services to customers by optimizing skills in the best way possible and utilizing opportunities to learn as well as explore new concepts in a creative and innovative manner to achieve the goal by delivering consistent performance and good quality.

Vision: To innovate and introduce new products and services by being “Committed to Engineering” and “Committed to the Future.” 

As a new entrant, the toughest challenge was to win the trust of the customer in order to acquire the project contracts. I was able to overcome this challenge by utilizing over a decade of my previous working experience and by offering Innovative as well as competitive services at competitive costs.

What would you say are the factors that have contributed to your success as an organization?

Commitment to Quality, Consistency and gaining customer Trust as well as Loyalty contributed to our success as an organization.

What services does SEGEN R&D offer? What differentiates your services from your contemporaries?


Over the years, SEGEN R&D has specialized in various lines of services that can be applied to almost every field in the industry. We have gained over decade of experience in developing as well as executing various projects, and every single one serves as a new source of learning about latest technologies and resources.

Here are some specific services offered by us:

  • Product Design & Development

SEGEN R&D has the expertise, experience and resources to go beyond designing. Depending on the demand, we can design the product besides preparing it for production or producing it ourselves. Such cases are common among individuals who want one unit of a product to improve their vehicle. But we have also worked with automakers to bring in new ideas while following their guidelines.

  • Benchmarking

The fact that SEGEN R&D works in engineering, makes it natural for it to use benchmarking as much as possible. We are passionate about learning. So, we constantly seek new resources and take every concluded project as a whole new opportunity to register positive & negative points of our work and interpret how we can employ that experience to make the upcoming ones even more efficient.

  • Reverse Engineering

This concept is particularly important for classic car parts. We can replicate their design using CAD and use a digital model to perform improvements or even build a whole new unit of that product. On many occasions, official information about such products is scarce or is no longer accessible. So, SEGEN R&D can employ reverse engineering to create possibilities that used to be unimaginable.

  • Additive Manufacturing

Years of experience in design and development has naturally enabled SEGEN R&D in applying additive manufacturing techniques to design innovative solutions. Classic products and custom projects are situations whose problems can only be solved with that resource. Nevertheless, we always comply with the original product’s design and manufacturing standards to integrate old and new parts as original as possible.

  • Prototyping

Regardless of its scope, all projects of part design and development can benefit from prototypes, which provide a real, tangible example of the product, even as a miniature. And that creates many possibilities for further analysis. SEGEN R&D is fully prepared to apply its resources to assist the execution of your project by creating virtual as well as physical prototypes of the projects at first before the part is mass-produced.

Tell us about yourself and your journey from the beginning, including your experience in SEGEN R&D.

Born and raised in Coimbatore, a major manufacturing hub in the country, I found a passion in Tool Making, Tool Design and Product Design. I completed Tool and Die Making from NTTF, worked as a Toolmaker and later pursued Tool and Die Design from PSGIAS, which helped me a lot to understand Tool design as well as Product design.

I gradually started working with various Automotive OEM’s and Engineering service providers for over a decade. Subsequently, I pursued PGPMex from Great Lakes Executive learning, which also helped me to enhance my managing skills to start my venture.

What do you think is the most unique aspect of your business?

Product Line Experience

SEGEN R&D was founded with over a decade of experience in the field of automotive design, focused on the development & manufacturing of specific components. As a result, we have vast experience dealing with existing guidelines provided by automotive manufacturers, as well as assisting them in developing from the beginning in case it is necessary.

Over time, that experience led us to the field of individual requests, i.e. optimizing individual car models according to the customer’s wish and the technical possibilities. In short, we are prepared to analyse the car’s project and reach as close as possible to the customer’s idea. For example, adding a convenience item like armrest, reworking its trim, or creating custom accessories like carpets.

The product line below shows the experience we have accumulated so far, but feel free to contact us even if your project is different from these. We will be delighted to analyse it and propose our ideas.

Exterior trims

The term refers to any visual component located on the external part of the automobile. The most common examples are spoilers, that is, additional components which are attached to a given region of the body to optimise the airflow and reduce a magnitude known as drag coefficient.

Investing in aerodynamics means that the car will need less effort to displace the mass of air around it as it moves. Therefore, it can reach a certain speed consuming less fuel than before and can reach a higher top speed as well. Spoilers are popular because they do not require internal changes.

On the other hand, the biggest challenge which appears in this topic is that a good spoiler must not harm the car’s aesthetics, as well as balance.

SEGEN R&D can analyse its original styling and use 3D drawings to propose possible unique solutions, which comply with OEM standards. That is important to ensure feasible manufacturing and preserve the car’s overall safety.

Some of the other projects we offer are door sills and bumpers. The former is attached to the body on the base of each door opening and is made of plastic. It prevents scratches from shoes, which, in extreme situations, could become starting points of rust over the years.

Interior trims

SEGEN R&D is well-equipped and experienced to design and develop Interior trims. We can analyse the existing layout of a car cabin brought by the manufacturer and provide solutions for its internal trims, as well as design specific solutions to cater to the wishes of individual customers. OEM specifications play a key role to ensure safe use, viable production and harmonious design.

A/C outlet assembly, center console and side panels, for example, are typical cases in which we can contribute to customers. We can execute existing guidelines for the dimensions and geometry of those parts and/or propose solutions on our own, based on the analysis of the car model and its purpose.

When it comes to individual customers, we have many possibilities to make adaptations that can improve your everyday driving. We can add convenience items to a classic car, such as a cup holder or an armrest, or even make changes to the original trim to comply with the characteristics above.

Soft trims

This topic primarily consists of non-visible parts, that is, those with which drivers and passengers do not directly interact. These are HVAC components that act as insulators, i.e., to provide an additional layer of material designed to reduce the levels of noise and vibration transmitted to the cabin.

Once again, SEGEN R&D can collaborate in two ways. For example, we can assist manufacturers in identifying the exact need for insulators in a given car model. Then we can proceed to develop and test different prototypes to find which design is the most effective as well as cost-efficient. All of them follow the manufacturer’s standards to offer safe use, a positive stylistic impact, and feasible manufacturing.

Parallel to that, we can examine individual car models according to the customer’s request. Create possible solutions to reduce the perceived noise and vibration, that is extremely important to ensure life quality in the car as well as to preserve you and your family’s well-being over time.

Other options in this topic are convenience items. A well-designed package tray is an essential item in case you transport cargo with frequency because it allows you to better organise it in the car. A floor carpet, in turn, prevents it from slipping and protects the body floor from scratches and dents.


Comfortable seats are essential in any car. Seats are designed in a manner that naturally leads the body to accommodate itself in a position where it is not subject to physical stress and offer adjustments to suit everyone. It is a key component of your physical well-being after years of continuous use.

Another important point is the seat’s upholstery. The best ones are smooth at the touch, allow your skin to breathe, and resist regular use conditions with minimal fading and no cracking or tearing. As you can imagine, SEGEN R&D can help you improve your car seats with solutions like those while still complying with OEM standards. That makes the final product feasible to produce regardless of the quantity, aesthetically pleasing, and safe to use.

In this specific field, we have also worked with reverse engineering. In other words, we took a unit of the target component and recreated its geometry with a computer-aided design to properly examine it and devise the required solution. That is an important resource in the case of vintage items.

It is also possible to combine this topic with the previous ones. Besides working on the seat itself, we can make it better by installing armrests, giving it additional adjustments of position and, in some cases, reworking its internal structure. Everything to make it more comfortable and ergonomic.

Body in White

Manufacturers can also rely on our expertise in this field, which is informally referred to as “BIW” in the industry. SEGEN R&D can put to practice concepts, originally developed by the manufacturer in the case of automobiles. And design them ourselves from the beginning when it comes to motorcycles.

Here, we normally work by developing a group of possible ideas to present. The client will then decide which one is the best, but that is not a closed process: sometimes, the client chooses more than one idea and/or a combination of two or three. We are open to those possibilities as well.

In all those cases, complying with the manufacturer’s base rules is essential. Any parts designed by us comply with OEM standards to ensure the same level of quality found in the rest of the car, which is essential to provide a high standard of comfort and safety.

On what ideals are your work culture and business ethics based?

  • Commitment to quality
  • Innovation and growth in all endeavours

Company’s future plan

We have plans to build our own full-fledged R&D Center and ODC (Offshore Design Center)

Currently we design parts for Auto OEM’s and suppliers manufacture the parts. We are also planning to set our own manufacturing unit. i.e. Design, R&D and Manufacturing under one roof.

Honours and Achievements that SEGEN R&D has received

SEGEN R&D, together with a strategic partner company, is working on demanding projects of European Solar-Electric car, Luxury car, Supercar, Hypercar, and Electric bike Projects.

Year of Founding:2021
Funding Information:Self-funded
Founder:Geoffrey Nelson S
Office Location:Coimbatore

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