Shadowfax Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

8. Abhishek Bansal Co Founder CEO Shadowfax Technologies Pvt Ltd 10 Best Innovative Startups in India 2022

Most trusted delivery partner with electric vehicles in fleet for carbon neutral transport

Derived from the mythical creature of the “Lord of the Rings”, the Shadowfax is named after the “Lord of All Horses” who, like our reliable and agile logistic offerings, embodies monumental speed and communication. Shadowfax is the largest on-demand tech-backed gig marketplace that helps businesses outsource last-mile activities. Shadowfax employs ML and AI to offer supply that keeps pace with demand in a rapidly growing and highly fragmented hyperlocal distribution ecosystem and ensures an amazing end-user experience.

The Shadowfax app has over two million downloads and is designed to be an immersive platform for delivery and an app that works across multiple platforms. The app is used as a channel for guaranteed earning on many e-com and hyperlocal platforms. Shadowfax continues to grow its area of ​​operations by expanding into the e-commerce and hyperlocal segments and entering new growth areas such as grocery delivery.

Shadowfax has extremely friendly people and partnership policies designed to be highly empathetic and always looking for ways to improve riders’ lives and the appeal of delivery and other blue-collar jobs as lucrative career options changes. Working with the Shadowfax platform ensures a high degree of flexibility and independence as well as strong earning potential with financial support services such as loans, and insurance.

In October 2021, Shadowfax launched India’s first Delivery SuperApp, to accelerate its growth by empowering delivery partners to access multiple opportunities through a single platform.

Their core values

  • Customer-centric: Fostering strong bonds and providing an excellent customer experience are the hallmarks of their services. The customer is at the heart of their business ecosystem.
  • Innovation: A never-ending range of original ideas designed to revolutionize the industrial landscape through robust logistic solutions.
  • Empathy: Their strongest tool in the business toolbox, empathy enables them to anticipate the needs, fears, and pain points of others and make a genuine effort to address them.
  • Integrity: Driven by integrity and driven by strong ethics, India’s most trusted logistics brand values ​​ethics more than anything else.

Industries They Work With:

  1. Food
  2. Pharma
  3. Ecommerce
  4. Groceries
  5. Apparels

Their Innovation:

  1. Demand Forecasting: Their powerhouse of API-powered integration is built by innovators looking to build reliable solutions. These work as an effective slot system creating a seamless and foolproof ecosystem to automatically match supply with demand, thereby benefiting their customers, and riders, resulting in happy customers.
  • Efficient wrong route solution: The correction of misrouting incidents through their rapid and automated detection, calculation, and seamless technical alignment has transformed the shipment traceability and efficiency of the logistics chain.
  • Swift Navigation with Route Customization: They ensure that speed and reliability go hand in hand with all their solutions. Their intelligent in-house route and fleet management system help facilitate route optimization, the best way of travel, co-loader type, and schedule at the shipment level.
  • Ease of Reverse Pickup: They employ their superior technology in a reverse pickup, providing seamless and affordable API-based quality checks with 100% visibility at the customer’s doorstep and hub, as well as exchange logistics services with complete QC optimization – Specially designed for businesses.
  • API-Powered Live Tracking of Orders And Shipments: Their powerhouse of unique APIs is ensuring seamless live tracking of orders and shipments across the entire delivery life cycle with quality checks and POD updates, paving the way for reliable, end-to-end logistics across multiple channels Happening.


They are Enabling commerce by empowering lives for everyone, everywhere. Their goal is to build the fastest and most reliable logistics network by empowering a million micro-entrepreneurs through technology to deliver anything, anywhere.


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