Shadowfax Technologies: Reliable Logistics Network of Micro-Entrepreneurs


What is Shadowfax?

Shadowfax is India’s largest crowdsourcing logistics network with considerable diversity in its technological implementations. The network covers 300+ locations and utilizes modern technology to drive supply chain solutions. Shadowfax is the first B2B platform to offer a wide range of products and services across multiple categories, such as food delivery, multi-city fulfillment, express shipping, same-day delivery services, reverse logistics, online retail, medicines, and grocery, all from a single platform, allowing delivery partners to earn more money throughout the day. Shadowfax offers a variety of services, from sending riders for 30-minute deliveries to four-day deliveries. This business does not use a delivery fleet.

Staying relevant

Shadowfax is used by the most well-known Indian businesses in food, e-commerce, groceries, and healthcare for on-demand delivery. Shadowfax gives companies access to cutting-edge logistics technologies and a dependable delivery network. Shadowfax’s multi-modal platform has over 15,000 delivery partners that use bikes, minivans, trucks, airplanes, and even electric vehicles. Businesses may use Shadowfax’s platform to supply everything from food to groceries to pharmaceuticals to clothing and furnishings by just plugging it in.

Abhishek Bansal, Co-Founder, and CEO

Abhishek Bansal is the leader of the Shadowfax team. He has extensive experience as a Chief Executive Officer in the logistics and supply chain business. Microsoft Excel, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Job Analysis, and Analytics are some of his strongest skills. He is a strong entrepreneur with a B.Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, in Production and Industrial Engineering.

His career commenced as an Associate Consultant with Hay Group. Working with the world’s largest retailer in China and India gave him a better understanding of the variations in work cultures as well as what it takes to succeed in two of the world’s most difficult economies. Working in China was a game-changer for him since it established the groundwork for his present business. At Hay Group, he got an opportunity to work with Walmart. After that, he spent two years in China before returning to India in 2015 to launch Shadowfax. The team went from delivering 10 orders per day on day one to 100k+ orders per day in less than four years thanks to a fantastic staff.

He possesses a diversity of skills. His skillset includes temporal management, willingness to learn, systematic management, people management, cultural diversity management, and cross-border management.

Their core values

Working with the greatest honesty and integrity is the most essential thing the founders stress upon. To get the best out of everyone, one must be fully honest with themself, their peers, and their superiors.

Clarity of thought and total transparency in communication is another signature rule that the makers follow. Transparent and unambiguous communication assists stakeholders in properly understanding company demands and in taking rapid action, therefore saving everyone’s bandwidth in the long run.

2016 economic slump was a watershed moment for the entire Shadowfax team. Rather than focusing on short-term goals, they learned how to establish a company that can produce long-term value. It taught them the value of unit economics and its application.

Shadowfax, an inspiration

There is no replacement for a hard effort. Hard labor, however, does not guarantee progress. Being aware of possibilities and thinking outside the box to bring about disruptive innovation to turn opportunities into viable and successful ventures is the key to success.

Future goals

In the next five years, the makers believe in creating chances rather than jobs, and via this business, they have already started contributing to society by providing self-driven employment options for thousands of freelancers on the Shadowfax platform. By working with Shadowfax, they hope to generate a million micro-entrepreneurs in India in the next few years who would be able to make a decent life.

Industry Logistics & Supply Chain
Company size 501-1,000 employees
Headquarters Bengaluru, Karnataka
Type Privately Held
Founded 2015
Story by Swiftnlift Business Magazine Company

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