Shivalic HR Solution – Consider Your Needs And Requirements As Our Responsibilities


Give Introduction of your company.

Here is where Shivalic HR Solution comes into play to bring the best-suited talent for your company.

We always try to understand what you need and according we take our actions which would be in your favour. We always consider your needs and requirements as our responsibilities.

Quality is the best key factor of Shivalic HR Solution, which makes them different from others. We always try to save the time of the hiring process by completing and handling 80% of the recruitment process by our end.

The journey of Shivalic HR Solution was started with a sole mission to provide maximum professionals and maximum entrepreneurs globally. The company was officially founded on 12th Nov. 2016.

Shivalic HR Solution is known for providing talents by deeply understanding the client’s requirements by co-ordinate with the technical team and as well as HR team across every possible function area.

Shivalic HR Solution tries to complete every possible action by their end to save the time of the hiring process. Shivalic HR Solution assists their client’s queries Quickly & 24 by 7.

Shivalic HR Solution gives responses to their clients even on Sunday. Shivalic HR Solution takes their client’s requirements very seriously and tries their level best in their expertise.

Shivalic HR Solution always follows a standard recruitment process, and have a team of skilled and team of well experts recruiters. The team of Shivalic HR Solution always says that flexibility in the work environment and the caring nature of management is really the best part of Shivalic HR.

Shivalic HR believes that a dedicative team is must require to build a strong empire.

The company was started from scratch with a small office, minimal amount of finance from pocket money and ZERO Knowledge of the recruitment process. Mr Mayank Chauhan ( Founder ) as a mechanical engineer, found that finding a job in the current situation is the biggest challenge for students and professionals likewise the same problem was being challenged for corporates that finding suitable candidates according to the deadline. Also When Mr Mayank completed their studies and looking for a job, they couldn’t able to find a job in the market.

Early Days & Business Venture

How did you come up with the idea of your business?

After completing my studies, I was trying to find a job in the Mechanical Designing field as I have done my designing courses. But struggling to find a job in the designing field for 8 months, still, I didn’t get the job.

I thought no matter I didn’t get my desire job but maybe I would be a bridge for those people who are looking for their desire job.

What product or services you are offering?

We are mainly offering Recruitment services in every domain of the market.

1. Executive Search

2. Permanent Hiring

3. Temporary Hiring

4. Bulk Hiring

5. Head Hunting

6. Recruitment Process Outsourcing

What is your target market/audience/ clients?

There are no boundaries for our services. We like to serve our services in every sector of corporate. Most of the time we target IT Industries, Manufacturing Industries, Pharmaceuticals Industries, Health Care Industries, FMCG, Automobile Industries, etc.

What is your competitive advantage?

As I have said, we are our biggest competitors. We always compete with ourselves. So Yes, I can proudly say my team and their efforts are my biggest advantage.

Your Vision And Business Market

What is your larger goal or vision? What do you want to achieve from this business?

Our larger vision and goal is to provide maximum professional talents to the corporates. From this business, we want to be in India’s top recruitment companies list and want to represent our India worldwide and want to make an image in corporate and students like if anyone looking for job or hiring for any position, Shivalic HR Solution shell be their priority.

What are your customer acquisition strategies?

There are many strategies that we use to the acquisition of customers including SEO, PPC advertising, content marketing, email marketing etc. but all of these we always preferred the advertising the reviews of our existing clients for our services and work because I think customer’s reviews and their references are the best strategies for acquisition of new customers.

Where do you want to see yourself in the next 10 Years?

I want to see myself after 10 years as a successful leader in the market.

Everyone can be a Boss and achieve their goals, but achieving the goal with our team as a leader would be the best achievement for me.

Because I think if I get success in next 10 years, then my team members also must have to get success in their work.

Company Culture

• Business Challenges And Success

What was the most challenging part of your journey till now? How did you overcome those challenges?

The most challenging part of my journey till now is to find our first client. As started with ZERO Experience and ZERO knowledge, I didn’t know, How to speak with clients, how to ask for their requirements. How to convey them to outsource their requirements to us.

I started doing cold calling and asked everyone to share their requirements or hire through us. But most of the time I got failure because whenever I do cold call, they used to ask my a question, How many clients do you have? How old is your company? How many team members do you have? And all I have to answer is ZERO.

“As long as you believe in yourself,

There will always be a way for you”

But the main part of my conversation was, no matter currently I don’t have clients right now but If you give me a chance to fulfil your requirements, I’m sure you will feel satisfied with our shared talents.

Which was the boldest decision you ever made to have this venture work?

I believe that the best boldest decision is made when you have nothing to lose. If I have to say for my venture, my boldest decision is to start my recruitment company without having any knowledge or any experience or any guidance of recruitment process.

Share about Awards and Recognition you received.

We have been recognizing as TOP BUSINESS SERVICES PROVIDER by Good firms. co

Also, we have been recognized TOP RECRUITING FIRM – 2020 by the clutch.

What advice do you want to give to young Entrepreneurs / Startups?

First, visualize where you want to reach & who you want to be, and then work for it. Don’t worry about how many times you may get failure in your start-ups. Remember one thing, MISTAKES ARE PROOF THAT YOU ARE TRYING.

“Never Give Up”

• Year of Founding: 2016

• Funding Information: self-funded

• Founding Members: None

• Office Locations: Rajkot & Surat

• Company Strength: 8 members

• Website:

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