A specialized home medical care company.


To be the best health care service provider at home, being the easy access to provide outstanding quality service and clinical excellence at home.


To provide compassionate, credible, and reputable health care services for the community to restore health at home.

How do we stay on top of changes in the process, changes in the thoughts of industries that we are going to look at more now?

Change is the process

To be the best in medical care at home. Usually, one caregiver deployed for one patient a day is the normal approach in-home care for the administration of medicines and monitoring. But when we look at the total productive hours of the caregiver utilized is only 30% of the total time spent by the caregiver at the patient home.

We were considering

Using maximum hours of care giving and set up a complete care plan prepared by a care planner for most hospitalized patients. This also helps a caregiver to serve more patients in a day and ensures affordable service. So this is the right way to go for Specialized home medical care.

What inspires us to come up with Shrahav Medicare to provide home health care services for the community?

One day when my family member took discharge from the hospital and was very difficult to find a suitable nurse for her administration of IV therapy, observation and caregiver to maintain hygiene. There were few providers in the city but easy access and an affordable package of care were missing.

That incident sparked us to the solution for many people who are unfamiliar with the health care system. Having a healthcare resource we thought to be the trusted name for medical need in the community & found two visionary entrepreneurs who honoured the idea and we started to serve the best possible health care at home.

As health care service provider at home, we are always thinking to make it accessible and affordable when prolonged hospitalization is not required. This idea inspired our vision to start up for “Shrahav Medicare” in the specialized medical care at home. We have a strategic plan called “CALL FOR CARE” helped to achieve a milestone by serving 600+ patients in the first year. Moreover, the smiling face of the patients inspired us to deliver the best every day.

Why choose Shrahav Medicare?

Shrahav is a registered home healthcare service provider, highly recommended by medical professionals and best rated by the Patient’s family. Shrahav provides 24*7 helpline service supported by super specialist consultants. Shrahav ensures also the best management by medical assessment of the patient as the first step of medical care. Shrahav have the support of the hospital for a medical emergency to be addressed. Pathology, Pharmacy and Rental Medical Equipment are provided for home medical care patients.

What are our views on today’s medical care professionals scenario? and What is our strategy to reach new medical care professionals and new customers?

Covid19 enabled us better acceptance of our home health care profession. It’s a great profession to be a part of serving the community, many entrepreneurs & existing professionals got a hike to serve more patients a day compared to previous years. The trend was one patient to one caregiver which required a swift to serve maximum patients & Shrahav Medicare made it possible.

We are a specialized

Home medical care company with a concise focus on Neuro, Onco, Ortho & Pulmonology patient care. We at shrahav provide the latest technology-enabled support to our caregivers. Post hospitalization & palliative care is larger scope to serve. Financial year 21-22 is the year to expand Shrahav Medicare into other cities of Gujarat.

How will we define a successful business?

Each business owner may have a different experience for “The journey to Greatness”. But for us running a profitable organization that conducts business with joy, honesty, integrity and makes meaningful contributions to the communities is “Success”.

How does “Shrahav Medicare” work on making the profession better? What can be expected from Shrahav Medicare in the upcoming years?

Shrahav Medicare works with the highest ethical standards, we keep doctors informed while caregiving & engage them with our clinician as required. Educating patient party to have clinician involvement for medical care at home is the drive-in future. The community can expect us as the trusted, qualified & well-trained caregiving service provider across Gujarat in the coming years.

Shrahav Medicare– Journey of founder/ CEO’s till date, and how did we tackle any initial struggles?

Founders of Shrahav are Shraddha Boghara (Care Planning & Operations), Harsh Patel (Support System) and Vandan Patel (Executive Officer).

We are from the health care system and excellent contributors to the companies for which we worked.

The journey of Shrahav Medicare start-up was quite challenging “from where to start & how to start”, was addressed with a disciplinary approach of asking “why” & “what” which helped us a lot.

 Year of founding: 18th Oct 2020

 Funding information: Self-funded

 Founding members:

  • Ms Shraddha Boghara
  • Mr Harsh Patel
  • Mr Vandan Patel
Office location Office location: S-25, raspan arcade, Raspan cross road, nikol,
 Ahmedabad – 382350.
Company strength 3 office employees, 20 caregivers, 2 field executives
Website www.
Office LocationsAhmedabad, Gandhinagar & Indore
Sources and references Shrahav
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