Silver Roots is a one-stop-shop for all your herbal, herbal extracts, spices, oils, and other related products. They believe that Mother Nature has a remedy for everything and that if we use it correctly, it may be a blessing to our health. They bring you the goodness of nature straight to your home with years of knowledge and skill. They have established themselves as one of the leading Moringa Tea Manufacturers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, as a result of their consistent efforts.


Turmeric, Moringa Leaves, Moringa Oil, Honey, and Moringa Seeds, for example, are highly valued in the global market for their efficacy, safety, organic origin, and low prices. They use the most advanced technologies while keeping a close eye on the process to maintain their organic character and provide clients with unmatched quality.

They are also known in India as one of the most dependable Ashwagandha Powder Exporters, Traders, and Suppliers. Their products are unrivaled in the market due to their organic nature, purity, and enhancing features.


They have contemporary gear for sorting, grading, and processing herbs to give their clients bulk supply and contract manufacturing solutions, as well as retail packaging solutions with private labels. They maintain great supervision over the procedure to preserve the organic character, purity, and quality of their products. In their facilities, they have the best resources for maintaining the proper hygiene and natural qualities of their products. Whether you’re looking for Herbal Powders, Green Tea, Stevia Leaves, or Herbal Tea, they’re the one-stop-shop for you.

Gaining recognition

Silver Roots, which was founded in 2017, has made considerable success in a short period. Mr. Gaurav Ashok Agarwal’s leadership has made their brand name synonymous with trust and quality. His commitment to providing organic quality to customers all around the world has pushed the company to new heights. They have already established themselves as one of Mumbai’s most renowned Essential Oil Manufacturers. With each passing day, they’ve gained valuable knowledge in FMCG, health food, and contract manufacturing for industries, and they’re creating new quality standards in the industry.

Their Services

Along with the unique products they also provide the following services:

• Contract farming

• Contract Manufacturing

• Private Labelling Service

• Customized Herbal Tea blend

Their Immunity Tea

It helps to purify the body and enhances general health by combining immunity-boosting herbs. It will make you joyful, taste delicious, and bring numerous health benefits. In Mumbai, Maharashtra, Silver Roots is one of the most well-known Immunity Tea Manufacturers. They sell a variety of herbal teas that are produced by blending herbs to ensure high quality and effectiveness. To improve your immune system and promote optimum health, they adhere to stringent industry standards and maintain proper hygiene. Furthermore, their professionals carefully box each item to protect it from the elements.

Their immunity tea possesses the following attributes:

1. It relaxes and relieves mental stress by calming the mind.

2. It’s ideal for boosting immunity and maintaining general health.

3. It’s simple to dissolve and provides long-term benefits.

4. It has a pleasant flavor and is high in antioxidants and other nutrients.

5. Assist in the maintenance of healthy body weight as well as digestion and other frequent disorders.

6. It is recommended that you take it as directed.

7. There are a variety of customizing options available.

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Founded 2017
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