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“Giving a platform for students to find their best fit “

“Skills Reform Private Limited”

What drove you towards skill enhancement? What was the reason behind establishing a skills education firm?

Barring a few developed countries, where skills are given equal importance as qualification, we in India have been laying emphasis only on degrees and not giving much hands-on learning experience to people. So, looking at the future world of work and our burgeoning young population, immediate reforms are needed for better employment and economic growth.

I have had a few ideas in my mind, passion to steer them, and was looking for the right platform to amplify. And, fortunately, I also found a partner who was equally inspiring and aspiring to drive these reforms.

Conscientiously, we looked at these gaps, worked on a relevant scalable solution that can bring the equilibrium, collaborated with the right partners to drive the venture smoothly; and we co-founded SkillsReform, where we are giving a robust platform to students to find their best fit, educators to hone their skills, employees to upskill or reskill and entrepreneurs to get mentored by experts.

What are your skill courses in the offer? Whom are you serving in the current market?

Our skill courses are the handpicked ones, broadly known as the Power Skills comprising of a journey from self-awareness to corporate readiness to equip our youth and anyone who is looking for a career change.

With a bouquet of customized options, we offer very personalized guidance regarding their “Best Fit” career options and train them on the required skills which will help them transition well in their chosen field.

These modules are designed for three different levels- For school goers, college students, and working professionals.

Personal Branding, Growth Mindset, Employability Skills, and Entrepreneurship are a few of the best-selling modules with us.

Other than Skills enhancement, what else are you providing which is unique in the competition?

Other than the modules on Power Skills, most of our students have seen value in our career/skill assessments and career guidance services. These are top-rated services having a placement rate of almost 100% with an emphasis on finding the “right fit” careers and courses/colleges across the world.

Tell us something about your previous professional career.

My professional career began in the sales department of Amadeus which is a travel company. After gaining some experience, I went to IIM-Lucknow to finish my post-graduate program.

During the last 15 years, I got a chance to work with some of the great brands like HT Media, ABC Consultants, The Hero Group, and various extremely talented Business professionals.

Working with the Founders and CEOs during my last few assignments on new business strategies and execution gave me a lot of exposure and confidence to start my venture.

High Light of our Venture:

As a startup, we were able to get our first paid customer within a month of our launch of the website.

Our GSLC (Global Students Leadership Conclave) received applications from 600+ students from more than 10 countries.

Our three learning series on Industrial Revolution 5.0, Higher education & NEP2020, and Academia-Industry Connect received commendable viewership.

Year of Founding:2020
Founding Members:Ms. Chetna Sabharwal and Mr. Chetan Khurana
Office Locations:Delhi
Company Strength:25 including freelancers.

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