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“Constructing the customizable softwares to make operations process smooth”


Business software is often available as a set of customizable programs because companies share similar departments and systems. In general, the complexity of these devices requires specialized skills and specific knowledge. Enterprise Computing is the information technology (IT) tool that companies use for efficient production operations and management support. These IT tools cover database management, customer relationship management, supply chain management, business process management, and more.

As the base for the digital and subscription cloud era is rising at the end-user customer’s, companies are shifting to digital forms. Many companies are restructuring their business model to keep up with the market pace. Transforming the business from a future perspective has called upon the customized software demand in various industries and sectors around the globe. Skyislimit Technologies Inc. has been delivering the best of its kind services to the client as per the market need.

We conducted an interview session with its Founder Mr. Manodh Mohan, which was an interesting and productive one. Here’s all about our conversation:

Early life and career of The Founder

The struggle is not for those who can bear the minimum. Turning down your well-paid job for your family is not an easy task for anyone who belongs to a small-town family.

To begin with the schooling, Mr. Manodh completed his school education in Sundargarh, Orissa, India. He completed graduation and post-graduation in MBA from Delhi. He started his first job with Air Deccan as a flight steward. Everything went well until he received an abrupt call from his father briefing him about going homeless after losing their home due to financial debts.

Unable to leave his helpless family behind, Manodh decided to give up his career as a flight steward through an email resignation. It is then he decided to start an Internet café in his hometown – Adoor. Simultaneously he brushed up his software programming skills that he acquired from his roommates while in Delhi. His first paycheck in the field of programming was $108. It is then he realized what his destination was.

Company Formation

A man with a clear vision can achieve the heights. Starting a business in the field where we have the least knowledge and experience put some hurdles in the way. The most difficult part of the formation is team selection. To run a company you need good staff and technology working hand-in-hand. Mr. Manodh had a situation where he required one member of his team to maintain and cross-check the records. Hiring a new person was a tough task as it was just at the initial stage and being a creative mind he developed a new system that could solve many problems at once. The experiment went like this:

“The company while extending website services had an executive to handle the sales section. The biggest challenge that faced then was to track the productivity of the sales executive. Reports were sent time-to-time but it wasn’t sure if the client interaction has happened. Mr. Manodh had to recruit another guy to cross-check the reports and data sent across. But he chose another option instead. Yes, to develop sales tracking software! And thus they developed ‘SALESFOKUZ’.”

Objective: To make the most valuable sales and marketing information available at the fingertips of the sales and operations teams of every size of the organization.

Goal: To make their services globally available and also to list Skyislimit Technologies Inc on Wall Street by 2025.

Products and Services

They have categorized their products based on industry needs as specified:

Main Products

Salesfokuz: A customizable CRM application. It is a perfect combination of a web dashboard for managers and a mobile app for executives that tracks and streamlines all sales and operational activities of a business. The struggle of different sectors being different, Salesfokuz has been categorized into different industry-specific sub-products.

Leadfokuz: Lead management

Leadfokuz enables effective management of leads and sales activities through the perfect combination of web dashboard and mobile app.

Bankfokuz: BFSI & NBFC

Bankfokuz is the customized version of Salesfokuz for the sales and operational teams of BFSI and NBFC sector to manage their sales and operational activities seamlessly.

Fastfokuz: FMCG sector

Right from tracking orders to managing stocks, Fastfokuz enables easy management of sales, orders, inventories, distributions, and payments flawlessly.

Factfokuz: Manufacturing sector

Factfokuz application helps of business of manufacturing sector in addressing the ordering gaps between manufacturers and dealers.

Servicefokuz: Service industry

Servicefokuz helps streamline and manage both after-sales complexities and service activities of service industry.

Realfokuz: Real-estate industry

A Salesfokuz sub-product to address the marketing and operational bottlenecks of the real-estate industry.

Pharmafokuz: Healthcare sector

Pharmafokuz helps seamlessly coordinate the sales teams of the medical industry with their respective doctor visits, orders, deliveries, collections and lots more with just a few clicks.

Textilefokuz: Textile Industry

From products management, collections of payments to instant automated reports, Textilefokuz is meant to address all the gaps of textile industry.

Other products:

■ Fokuz:A highly advanced, secure, and flexible video conferencing software with unparalleled usability features.

■ HrmNxt: A customizable solution to fully automate your entire HRMS processes.

■ Storeware: A highly customizable warehouse management solution for growing businesses.

■ Alpha Billing: An efficient solution to manage products, invoices, collections, and billing seamlessly.

■ PROMA: A perfect tool to streamline all your project management needs. Proma assists individuals and teams in organizing and managing their projects and tasks effectively.


Skyislimt Technologies have 10K+ tested users around the world. They are spread along with different sectors of the market. From the banking sector, they have Saraswat Bank, CSB, SBI DFHI, and DCB Bank. From other sectors, they have Godrej, Aizar, Skyfoam, Fruitomans, etc. Skyislimit practices the B2B Business model.

How do you think your service stands out in this competitive market?

Following are the reasons that make our product stand out in the competitive market:

■ Simple User Interface

■ No technical knowledge required – People can use this just like using any other social media apps

■ Customizable – Customize the product as per their business requirements

■ Affordable – Making our products available to small, medium and big business

■ Automates all administrative tasks thereby saving time and also improving accuracy

■ Industry and User-centric solution.

Industries on target



■ Real-estate

■ Manufacturing & distribution

■ Healthcare

■ Service sector

■ Textile

Skyislimit Technologies Inc. currently serves its products and services inIndia, Middle East and USA.

Impact of covid19 pandemic

Covid19 pandemic started spreading through China at the end of the year 2019 and it reached every country at the beginning of the year 2020. Almost every business unit was forced to shut their operations as no governments were prepared to handle this virus outbreak. Whether it is any pharma company or any educational institute, everyone was trying to figure the ways to run their organizations in such a deadly situation.

Many business units went bankrupt and some were in the middle of searching for ways to keep floating in the market. Skyislimit was one of those small emerging firms that deployed smart management techniques and kept running their operations as they found themselves running out of cash at a certain point. Company expressed their experience as under:

“As the pandemic hit, many of our clients couldn’t afford to make the pending payments of the licenses that they purchased. As result, we ran into a financial crisis. It was then we received 2 million as angel investment from a US-based visionary Mr. Sonny Menon and his wife Ms. Shari Menon.”

Message for the aspired youth

“One must not feel cold feet while learning new technologies and staying updated with the updates. Aspiring youth must forge ahead with utmost confidence to excel in the domain.”

Details of the company:

Year of Founding:2019
Founding Members:Manodh Mohan (Founder/CEO)
Office Locations:Kochi, Mumbai, Delhi, Ajman (UAE) & Texas (USA)
Company Strength:94+
Headquarter:Mumbai, Maharashtra
Industry:Information Technology & Services

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