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3. Anish Pimpalkhute - CEO - SolarScape Enterprises LLP - Top 10 Solar Energy Startups in 2022

Electrifying buildings with innovative solar panel technology

The solar panel industry has many players in the market. Many claim their product to be the best in the segment. How much does it make sense when your PV panel just generates electricity from sunlight. There was innovation expected from the leaders. 

After intense research for more than four decades by Dr. Ramesh Dhere & Late Dr. Neelkanth Dhere, SolarScape Enterprises is introducing its innovative products in the Indian renewable energy market.

What have been the core sentiments of SolarScape in the PV panel industry? 

We Aim to Provide state-of-the-art Solar Power Technology for clean, affordable electricity. And bring new innovative technology to India and contribute towards India’s Green & sustainability goals.

How will you describe your company’s inception story? What were the founder’s thoughts behind establishing SolarScape?

Technology has taken glass beyond merely providing protection or offering great landscape views. Glass facades can now generate electricity. Thanks to the research on solar PV by Dr. Ramesh Dhere and Late Dr. Neelkanth Dhere, along with others in the USA and Brazil for over 40 years. They’ve now brought the commercial application of this technology to India under the Power Glass brand by SolarScape Enterprises LLP, a company founded along with Mr. Deepak and Mr. Arjun Gadre. We wanted to explore the new application areas of Solar Panels and Bring this innovative technology for the first time in India.

The solar industry has the potential to expand in large spaces. How are you creating your position in the market? 

Our product is different from conventional solar panels. And our application is also different. We are positioning ourselves as a replacement to conventional glass façade; by using Power Glass for façade and Skylight you get all the benefits of a glass and an added but very-important benefit of Electricity Generation. By using our technology, renewable energy and the construction industry can go hand in hand. 

We are curious to know about your Power Glass. 

Power Glass offered by SolarScape, is based on Thin Film CdTe technology. As the thickness of the entire solar cell is less than 5 micrometers, it is possible to selectively laser scribe the solar cells to achieve desired transparency. Power Glass installation is simple and easy, similar to conventional glass façade. Apart from power generation, other features include: customized transparency, colour choices, reduced glare & heat, and uniform light output.   

How will SolarScape Enterprises create a difference in the PV panel industry?

Since the CdTe glass panels can be ‘transparent‘, the Best Applications of these panels are: Facades, Skylights, and Rooftops of – Airports/Hospitals/Tall Commercial Buildings/Infra Projects/Schools/Hotels. With our vast research in using CdTe thin-film solar cells, we can offer unique products that can replace glass in building façades. We are now introducing this technology for the first time in India and catering to various new applications.

So We Say its time to Move from “Energy Efficient Building” to “Energy Generating Buildings”  

What are your plans regarding expansion in solar energy? 

According to some research the construction sector accounts for around 30% of Electricity consumption in India. Green, low-carbon development for the construction industry is crucial. We believe technologies like Power Glass and various other new innovations in the Renewable Energy domain can go a long way in helping India’s aggressive Renewable Energy targets. 

Year of Founding: 2019
Founding Members: Dr Ramesh Dhere/Dr Neelkanth Dhere/ Mr Deepak Gadre/ Mr. Arjun Gadre
Office Locations: Pune
Company Strength: 0-10

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