Solitary Farm Planet: Going Organic with Farming Patterns


Mr. Rishi Agarwal and Mr. Ayush Sharma co-founded Solitary Farm Planet (SFP), a social company. The two started the business with the same goal in mind: to help farmers and their farming practices improve and become more organic. SFP has been attempting to improve farmer wellbeing in recent years by replacing commercial fertilizers and pesticides with organic manures and vitamins. The products provided by SFP are organically produced by farmers in Odisha and Sikkim and are even marked with their location. The products are neatly packed and supplied to the consumer after a thorough inspection.

SFP took the initiative to buy and distribute items in response to the necessity for immediate remuneration in farming. SPF not only offered training but also certified the farmers for harvest and assisted in the storage and distribution of the produce. SFP collaborates with a variety of self-help and farmer groups to supply natural farming goods that yield the highest quality crop for the least amount of money.

The Speciality of their products

Their products are


All of their products are grown in a natural, non-genetically modified manner, as nature intended.

Sourced in an ethical manner

They work with farmers in the most ethical and fairways possible, while also giving back to the communities.

Natural & Organic

Without the use of chemicals or synthetic pesticides, all ingredients are cultivated using only natural fertilizers.

Facilities of the highest caliber

All of their goods are processed in state-of-the-art facilities with cutting-edge technology and sophisticated equipment, assuring the highest standards of food safety compliance.

Their Mission

SFP aims to close the gap between the utility of organic products and the needs of consumers by connecting farmers directly to consumers with minimal costs on our end so that consumers get the best quality spices from certified organic sources, grown without the use of synthetic or bioengineered fertilizers, and farmers get their fair share of the profits.

Their Vision

Their ultimate goal is to provide high quality, delicious tasting, healthy ingredients to their customers at the best possible price while also assisting farmers by promoting natural or organic farming in various locations, providing fully certified organic products, receiving a fair share for tribal farmers, and living a conscious lifestyle with pure food products.

CA Ayush Sharma, Founder

Ayush began his career as a socialpreneur to increase farmers’ income and bring them closer to the value chain’s consumers. As a result, Solitary Farm Planet, a social venture, was founded. SFP’s goal is to establish market linkages and promote organic farming as one of its key values. Before this, he worked at Investec Capital as a research associate covering cement, plastic, metals, and mid-caps. Before joining Investec, he was a member of GE’s financial management program (leadership program) and worked in two different businesses that required financial planning and analysis. He is a Chartered Accountant who achieved an All India Rank of 24 in the CA Final in November 2015. He spent two years as an articled student with Grant Thornton in Assurance and one year with GE in financial planning and analysis. He is a Commerce graduate of Hindu College, University of Delhi, and a Bishop Cotton Boys’ School alumnus.

He’s always been a fantastic team player, and I’m eager to learn from him. My key strengths are self-motivation, determination, and focus. He is passionate about financial markets and hopes to work in the capital markets in the future. He is pursuing the CFA program at the CFA Institute in Charlottesville, Virginia, and I am currently a level 3 candidate.

Established 2019
Headquarters Cuttack

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