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7. Ram Kumar Varma P, MD & CEO- Medic TFHC- Top 10 Best Andhra Pradesh Startups in 2021

Rural health care is one of the major challenges faced by the Indian Ministry of Health. With more than 70% of the population living in rural areas and in poor health, the death rate from the disease is increasing. In this situation, medic TFHC is here with a mission “to strengthen rural areas with the best health care on the doorstep”. They want to create a revolutionary solution that will change “healthcare”. While some private providers working to digitize health care in urban areas, there is a strong need to develop tools that meet the needs of the rural population in their mother tongue (with a rural population of around 70.5% of our total population). Their goal is to create a health care life cycle from birth to death with a unique identifier (like AADHAR) where medical records are kept on one platform from start to finish and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Why rural healthcare is a problem?

Health is an important part of a better quality of life. Many poor Indians continue to struggle desperately and are constantly losing the battle for survival and health. War begins even before birth because maternal malnutrition reduces the fetus’s chances of survival. The rural people are the main victims of the policies, work in the most dangerous environments and live in appalling living conditions. Unsafe and unsanitary delivery methods, unclean water, malnutrition, inhuman habitats, degraded and unsanitary environments are the challenges facing the public health system. In rural India, where more than 50% of families live in poverty, not only food insecurity but also health problems cause serious problems. Even after 50 years of independence, the infant mortality rate was 87 per 1,000, and most children died from diarrhea and other minor illnesses related to portable water, health, and hygiene. That’s the reason Medic TFHC wants to connect a simple man from the village to get the best care at home and on the go in their “click”. They also want every farmer in their town or village to have the following services at home with one click:

1. Appoint doctors

2. Diagnostic services on your doorstep

3. Ensure that medical shops in the village can provide medicines to farmers in urban areas.

4. Hospital information (with insurance companies, state health insurance files, medical specialists, etc.)

5. Blood bank data with blood donor data.

6. 24/7 ambulance service (including 108 and all special players)

These are the services you can get from Medic TFHC Private Limited.

What are the major health issues in rural areas?

Contagious, infectious, and waterborne diseases such as typhoid, infectious hepatitis, worm infestations, measles, malaria, tuberculosis, whooping cough, respiratory infections, pneumonia, and reproductive tract infections dominate the morbidity pattern, especially in rural areas. And this is happening because of the low quality of care, poor accountability, lack of awareness, and limited access to facilities.

Conclusion :

 People in rural areas generally have less access to health care than their urban counterparts. Fewer doctors, fewer mental health programs, and fewer health facilities in these areas often mean less preventive care and longer response times to emergencies. In this scenario medic TFHC Private Limited helps people to get the best health care services just in one click. I hope if you ever need emergency service you know someone is by your side 24 hours a day.

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