Spa’ of Joy

1. Spa of Joy

A story of a change brought by the actions of an ordinary man.  

Which factors intrigued the existence of ‘Spa of Joy’?

The purpose of my life which I realized just before my retirement through a couple of incidents truly stirred me from within and follow a path that would enlighten and transform the lives of people.


 In my search for such transformational processes that are beneficial for humanity, I came across people who were my angels, my spiritual guides whatever names you may call them.  My learning and knowledge gaining was so enjoyable that even today I am relishing further learning and keeping my energy levels high up.

I always believe that – “Do what you Love and Love What you Do”!!


They has made an objective in life to enlighten and transform the lives of people by using the MIND –BRAIN-BODY method

Tell us about yourself. How was your career life? (About the Founder/CEO)

About my academic career, I am a qualified Electrical Engineer from the College of Engineering Pune graduating in the year 1976. A Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of The Institution of Valuers (Plant and Machinery).  I wrote my Vision to touch the lives of One Crore people.

In the journey, I certified myself as a Trainer for “Law of Attraction” in 2013, a “Mahavastu” Expert in 2014, also a Trainer for “Jose Silva’s UltraMind ESP System “in 2016, and recently Certified myself as a Proctor Gallagher Consultant for their program” Thinking into Results”

In the process have become a certified practitioner for different holistic healing modalities too. All these have been made easy to learn and practice by breaking them down into different levels of teachings and courses.

Conducting various events mostly online webinars and a few offline versions in the form of Seminars and Workshops. This has brought ‘Spa of Joy’ for expansion and Fuller Expression and Evolving into a higher version of itself.

What were your plans after you retired from the General Manager position at Air India Ltd.?

Well till 2006 I had absolutely no time to think except for my 9 to 6 job and the duties and responsibilities attached to it. Sometime in 2006, I came across a movie by the name “The Secret” which saw a sweeping success across the globe. It was, I would say a ‘Disruption’ in the Personal Development and Self-Help segment.

In this movie, there was one teacher who magnetized me. Of course, so many other teachers too were excellent. The teacher who then became my Mentor was Bob Proctor. I, at that instant, decided to meet him in person.

As I have said above me becoming a certified Proctor Gallagher Consultant, had to, as a mandatory criteria be an active participant in the Consultants training program which in May 2019 was held in Toronto, Canada. This is where my decision manifested and I met the Legendary Personal Development Speaker, Coach, who made people aware of the Potential of their Minds, Bob Proctor.

From then on evolution of ‘Spa’ of Joy has taken place.

How would you define the levels of life?

Life is how we take it. In my sharing, I always say that we all must take our lives beyond the next logical level.

This can be achieved by traveling through Seven Levels of Awareness – From ‘Reaction’ to ‘Responding’

We would like to know about your Concepts.

The Mind is largely known for its two conscious states.  a) The Conscious and b) The Sub-Conscious.

Different concepts are used to utilize these two states consciously namely, Law of Attraction, MahaVastu, UltraMind ESP System, and Thinking into Results.

These are used differently for different individuals or Groups as everyone has a Unique ability and with the use of Customized Meditations, which is my USP can raise the level of the individual or group and take them to their Results that ‘Stick’.

So, coming back to the different concepts: –

  1. The Law of Attraction: – it is the Universal Law that is working all the time whether you know about it or not, whether you like it or not. It is always working. How to consciously create I would term Co-Create is what this concept is all about.
  1. MahaVastu: – MahaVastu is nothing but Alchemy of Space. This works based on radial directions and zonal energies with its roots in the ancient Indian Science of the Traditional Vastu Shastra. The remedies are based on the wants or needs of the person and work on the subconscious mind of the individual.

This brought me to authoring a book by the name “The Science of Co-Creation – A Maha Way to Manifest Your Desires” launched in April 2016. It shows how to apply the commonality of these two concepts for getting desired results.

  1. “Jose Silva’s UltraMind ESP System”: A very powerful Mind control system brought about to the world after 55 years of research by Jose Silva. It takes you to deeper and more powerful levels of our mind through proven meditations and by actively carrying out work on our minds at those deep levels.
  2. “Thinking Into Results”: – A program where people are shown and made to find out the goals or results, they want to achieve in their lives by giving them clarity on the types of goals and taking them up the ladder to go to a place beyond the next logical level over a period, not more than six months. They will have to see themselves with a telescope once they are up there. 

Tell us about your Events & Sessions.

Events of off-line nature are one day Seminars or Weekend workshops. Presently concentrating more on the online version from 45 minutes webinars to 09 modules in 09 weeks, except the” Thinking into Results” program which is of 24 weeklies One-hour webinars. This is a totally 100% online program, with customized meditation and merging concepts of the Basic and the Advanced Hawaiin Healing Technique known as “The Ho’oponopono Method” and” Emotional Freedom Technique” commonly known as ‘Tapping’ of which I am a certified Practitioner.

Today we are living a life full of chaos and deadlines. How do you suggest a healthy life in such an environment?

We are living in a fast-changing world that is creating stress enough to disrupt and disintegrate us Emotionally and Physically.

I suggest that we should prepare ourselves by regular mental healing practices like Meditation and becoming aware of how to ‘CHOOSE THE RIGHT THOUGHT’. That is a thought that resonates with your passion and Goal which is ultimately beneficial to Humanity.

What are your further plans to expand your life lessons?

In my efforts to elevate and touch the lives of One Crore people and handhold them to cruising into the Second Stage of Human Evolution, my evolved Vision is by leveraging such Holistic services and bringing in Conscious Creators to render their services on a common platform giving full technical support that includes the most common issues of building communities, marketing, deciding on the fees they need to charge for the different levels of their services by way of structured courses, webinars and the like.

They will undergo training to become self-sufficient and create a Legacy for themselves and their participants. The process of this evolution has already begun and further expansion of ‘Spa’ of Joy is clothing it with a new name having formed a company “Delicia Spa Pvt Ltd” which means ‘Spreading Joy, Love, and Knowledge’.

Delicia has four pillars as Directors in the space of Music, Life Coaching and Counselling, Creating conscious awareness of the Mechanics of our Mind and Scaling-up and Automating Businesses.

Delicia will also emerge as the topmost Ecosystem with Blockchain Technology and the most sought-after Delicia Coin that will be used for receiving payments and paying for services within the Ecosystem.

Let us all come together to fulfill this Mission and Vision to Evolve and travel into the Second Stage of Human Evolution.

Additional Information:

Year of Founding:


Founding Members:

Dr. Sunil Chhaya

Office Locations: 

401/B, Kent Residency, Chandavarkar Road, Borivli                West Mumbai -400092

Company Strength:

Self only


As Jose Silva always said: – “May the Rest of Your Life Be the Best of Your Life.”

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