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6. Mallikarjuna Sandur Anandkumar, Director- Specular Graphics Pvt Ltd- The 10 Best Leaders in AR and VR Industry 2022

SPECULAR GRAPHICS is an architectural visualization and 3D modeling and rendering design service. The studio, founded in February 2007, Specular Graphics is a full-service practice that is making waves with its modern and progressive technical capabilities and high-quality output design philosophies. They wish to take this opportunity to introduce Specular Graphics as a leading organization in the space of 3D Architectural Visualization Solutions with about 10 plus years of experience!

Specular Graphics Pvt Limited is one of the leading organizations in the space of Virtual Reality/AR/3D Animation services and Scale Models. They at specular graphics Pvt ltd, as a team working with high skills, to improve our quality of work. As a team, they have plenty of experience in the domestic and international markets.

Their services:

  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality: Connecting Immersive experience with digital future. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality devices of the future will provide personalized, accessible, and well-designed, immersive experiences. As these elements take hold, a platform shift is imminent.
  • Flythrough and Walkthrough Architecture Animations: They are in the rendering service for over a decade, and they give realistic renderings, with very cost-effective to meet client requirements. They create your Imagination into a 3D Realistic walkthrough for your infrastructure animations. You plan they create your imaginations into animations. They have completed hundreds of projects on time and within budget.
  • Engineering Animation: They transform your two-dimensional ideas into three-dimensional stories. Our team has huge experience in creating 3D Models or Animation in Engineering Sector.
  • Physical Scale Models: They shape your ideas into physical scale models. Their expert team has vast experience in creating large, medium, small-scale models.
  • Product Design/Animation: Product design animation is a great way to showcase your product to prospective clients. Their team of experts designs accurately as per the actuals.
  • Character Animations: Do Characters play a role? Imagine a Popeye Character? Character animations always bring life to the character on the screen. They have a team of professionals who have similar strategies to meet high-quality output animations.
  • Scientific Process Animations: They create Beautiful and accurate 3D scientific animation and visual effects for science documentaries, process animations, science education
  • Panoramas, 2D & 3D Isometric Views: Look all-around that’s what it feels like in 360 degrees. 360-degree videos are a great and easily accessible way for a user to look around sequence/location.

Why Choose them?

Why choose renderings and walkthrough? Many architectural rendering firms are not formally trained in architecture, many come from the background of graphic design and production. Specular Graphics, however, are not only trained at elite 3d schools and firms, but they also progressively improve the knowledge by sharing, studying, and practically applying, as a team they have developed a strong sense of how to design with their renderings. They solve many technical problems during their rendering process. In addition, they have a strong arsenal of the most advanced techniques and programs that they use custom to the type of project you would like to have.

They deliver exceptional visual communication and service that increases their client’s value, deliver extraordinary visual content and communication that sets Specular Graphics apart from the rest and enhances our value to the customer, establish the SpecularCG signature as a benchmark, and standard in the world of global visual communications. They’re fully focused, dedicated, and enthusiastic in their work ethic and creative art.

Website- http://www.specularcg.com/index.htmls

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