SrivisifAI Technologies specialises in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning (DL) solutions for Video Analytics (VA).

IIT Bombay maintains a research collaboration with the company.

To evaluate video footage, the business has created proprietary algorithms.

Experts from a variety of fields and sectors make up the team.

Computer-based intelligence in regular day to day existence

The following are some AI applications that you may not understand are AI-fueled: Internet shopping and publicizing

Man-made consciousness is broadly used to give customized suggestions to individuals, put together for instance with respect to their past searches and buys or other online conduct. Man-made intelligence is massively significant in trade: upgrading items, arranging stock, coordinations and so on

Web search

Web indexes gain from the immense contribution of information, given by their clients to give pertinent query items.

Advanced individual partners

Cell phones use AI to offer types of assistance that are just about as pertinent and customized as could really be expected. Menial helpers responding to questions, giving suggestions and arranging day by day schedules have gotten omnipresent.

Machine interpretations

Language interpretation programming, either dependent on composed or spoken content, depends on computerized reasoning to give and further develop interpretations. This additionally applies to capacities, for example, computerized captioning.

Brilliant homes, urban areas and foundation

Brilliant indoor regulators gain from our conduct to save energy, while designers of keen urban areas desire to manage traffic to further develop availability and diminish gridlocks.


While self-driving vehicles are not yet standard, vehicles as of now use AI-controlled wellbeing capacities. The EU has for instance assisted with subsidizing VI-DAS, robotized sensors that recognize conceivable hazardous circumstances and mishaps.

Route is to a great extent AI-fueled.

Online protection

Computer based intelligence frameworks can help perceive and battle cyberattacks and other digital dangers dependent on the ceaseless contribution of information, perceiving designs and backtracking the assaults.

Man-made brainpower against Covid-19

On account of Covid-19, AI has been utilized in warm imaging in air terminals and somewhere else. In medication it can assist with perceiving contamination from electronic tomography lung examines. It has likewise been utilized to give information to follow the spread of the sickness.

Battling disinformation

Certain AI applications can recognize counterfeit news and disinformation by mining web-based media data, searching for words that are electrifying or disturbing and distinguishing which online sources are considered definitive.

Peruse more about how MEPs need to shape information enactment to help advancement and guarantee security

Surgury Doctors in working room and robot show status of patient

Different instances of computerized reasoning use

Simulated intelligence is set to change basically all parts of life and the economy. Here are only a couple models:


Specialists are concentrating how to utilize AI to dissect huge amounts of wellbeing information and find designs that could prompt new revelations in medication and approaches to work on singular diagnostics.

For instance, specialists fostered an AI program for noting crisis calls that vows to perceive a heart failure during the call quicker and more much of the time than clinical dispatchers. In another model, EU co-subsidized KConnect is creating multi-lingual content and search benefits that assist with peopling track down the most important clinical data accessible.


Computer based intelligence could work on the wellbeing, speed and productivity of rail traffic by limiting wheel grinding, amplifying speed and empowering self-sufficient driving.

Our services

  • 3rD-AI

As soon as an anomalous event is detected from live video stream based on the available capabilities, an alert is raised on real time and communicated in various ways to various individuals / devices of interest.

  • VIS

Enables text based search of pictures from stored video data with available capabilities, for a post facto analysis.

  • Classmate

Identify violation of any pre-defined compliance parameters of an event from stored video data and create MIS out of captured pictures or video snippets.

  • Features

Human Intrusion Detection

Detects unwanted human intrusions in real time.

Face Recognition

Detects and recognizes known human faces.

Automatic License Plate Recognition

Detect various types of registration number of vehicles.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to offer our customers scalable and user-friendly AI solutions for a safe and reliable work-environment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to redefine safety, security, productivity and process improvements at the workplace across industry segments. We plan to make this cutting edge Artificial Intelligence and Video Analytics technology affordable for mass consumption.

Industry Computer Software
Company size 11-50 employees
Headquarters Pune, Maharashtra
Type Privately Held
Founded 2018
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