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3. Radhika Shankar, Founder and Director- Style Space- 10 Most Powerful Leaders of Successful Companies to Follow in 2022

What inspired you to establish an Interior design firm?

When we constructed our house 10 years back, I had personally invested time and effort in the design and selection of the right interiors. Here, I found my flair – interiors. Subsequently, I did a course on Interior Design, and parallelly I started Helping friends and relatives with their home interiors.

Then I realized that this was my strength, and hence Started Style Space in the year 2013.

What were the challenges at the initial stage of the company’s inception?

End-to-End Interior design and Execution is primarily a male-dominated business. I have overcome this challenge with a simple mantra. “No one has traveled the road of Success without crossing the street of Failure”. Every project I complete gives me a new lesson, which I ensure to utilize in the next project.

 I look at PAIN as a Positive Attitude in a Negative Situation. That keeps me going and makes me deliver the best to my customers and keep them happy forever.

Another challenge has been that there were several competitors (small & big) in this business. I have been successful in carving out a niche for myself, by simply following three core beliefs, which I practice religiously at Style Space:

■ Never compromise on Quality (Material, Finish, etc)

■ Never compromise on Timely Delivery

■ A Home is not just a place it is a feeling.

(Deliver an experience to the customer, not just woodwork)

It has been a great journey since then, with over 500
happy customers.

On how many projects have your worked? Do you have any unforgettable memory of your designs?

I have executed over 500 handpicked projects (about 400 Residential and 100 Commercial).

Each home (project) is a new experience for me, and every concept that I create and build is an unforgettable memory for me. That amazed look on the face of my customers and their appreciation keeps me innovating newer designs and newer experiences.

What would you like to say about your team?

My team is my strength!. I am happy that I can provide a livelihood for more than 70 carpenters & their families today. Their passion and support to deliver quality work on stringent timelines have helped me gain more trust and confidence with my customers.

Which materials do you prefer in your designs?

In this field, there is no dearth of choice of materials. Each day, there is a new material or concept, or texture being introduced in the market.

I regularly spend time keeping myself updated on all the available choices, and then decide which material will suit the customer’s needs, based on the design concept.

Other Key Points For Consideration

Women Advantage: Style Space is one of the few Women-Owned and Run Interior Designing Companies. As a woman, I understand the nuances of what a home needs in terms of effective space management, style, and lighting.

Quality First: We only use Branded Materials that come with a Warranty. No Compromise ever.

Not just Wood Work: Though I take up and execute the interiors (woodwork), I ensure that I spend additional time and effort to suggest and select the Right Lighting, Screens, Movable Furniture, Fittings & Accessories, etc, that match with the theme of the interiors that we create.

Being Scientific: I believe that Interior Design is an art and science of understanding people’s behavior to create a functional space. I ensure that I fulfill the customer’s dreams (requirements) and add it to create the best interiors that are cherished by them.

Eco-Impact: I believe that ENVIRONMENT is more important than ECONOMY. Hence, we at Style Space plant a Tree after the completion of every Project.

                Year of Founding2013
                Founding MembersRadhika Shankar
                Office LocationsBangalore
Company Strength                     Being a boutique firm, and generating business only through customer references (Zero Marketing)

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