India has shown strong economic growth in the past few decades, with accelerated growth across agriculture, industry and Service. However, this growth has come at a cost – a deteriorating environment and an increasing scarcity of resources. The 2018 Environmental Performance Index, which ranked 180 countries on environmental health and eco-system vitality, saw India at 177th position.

Over the past decade, the number of deaths due to particulate matter (PM) pollution has risen to 1.6 million (16 lakhs). Poor sanitation facilities cost India $54 billion every year. And, 80% of untreated sewage In India flows directly to its rivers.

Yet, amidst all this, India also represents a massive opportunity in disguise. India’s rural –to-urban transition is turning out to be one of the fastest in human history and how this transition takes place could change the course of humanity future.

It follows then, that one of the greatest challenges facing India facing is decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation. And the key to solve these challenges lies in smart engineering solutions.


Sukriti Foundation wants to spread a million smiles by providing sustainable engineering solutions for some of the major issues faced by our society.

Projects Undertaken By Sukriti

Sukriti is working to solve two major developmental challenges in our society; freedom from unhygienic sanitation, and Rejuvenation of water bodies.

ECOMITRA: A Smart Solution

Public Toilets are one of the major concerns from hygiene point of view in India. Public toilets even contribute to diseases spreading in communities as they are not well maintained. Sukriti has taken up the challenge to resolve this issue as soon as possible. They are addressing this issue under the mission title “Ecomitra”.

Indian public toilets are suffering from three major challenges: constant maintenance, uninterrupted water supply to meet high water requirements, adequate waste disposal mechanism.

Sukriti is eliminating these challenges by implementing:

• Smart hygiene maintenance; where it eliminates manual cleaning with auto flushing and floor cleaning. It also decides the optimum water required.

• On-site waste water treatment; it saves upto 80% water by recycling it for flushing, floor cleaning, etc. A patented model, it is maintenance free with zero operational costs.


Water crisis is real and shaping in large context as the water we have is getting contaminated due to unlawful human activities. This is an issue which must be addressed by every individual from policy makers to policy implementers. To have adequate clean usable water Sukriti is contributing to keep the main water bodies clean and unpolluted.

Sukriti is Regenerating water by executing following procedures:

• Prefabricated waste treatment unit: simple and quick underground installation.

• Recycles black water: safe for non-potable use such as washing, flushing, cooling, horticulture, etc.


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