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It all began six years ago when Nitika and Suhaib discovered what an event platform’s true potential could be. Prior to this event, platforms were considered as vacations with a dash of business, and some even had hard-sell viewpoints.

However, the full potential of events went untapped, prompting people to reconsider how events should be conducted.

Our story

It was then that we decided to leave our comfort zone and embark on an entrepreneurial journey to bring innovative, new-age technologies, as well as hitherto untapped collaborations and ideas to India through our brand Summentorpro From then on we have explored several diverse ways of connecting business leads through our events and new-age services that brands can take advantage of at nominal prices.

Backed by a strong fundamental value system and experiences of working with several MNC’s and Start-up’s and working our way up from a mere executive profile to managing a team and then living the experience of leading a company, we believe that our story has marked a radical change in the event and networking industry.

Our mission

To deliver innovation and business solutions which set the trend?

Our vision

Driving and deploying intelligent sales and marketing tools for your success

Our values

Of the Client, By the Client and For the Client

Clients, industries, and Summentorpro Sales and Marketing Consultants are located all around India.

The database and contacts of Summentorpro Sales and Marketing Consultants are second to none, and the firm was one of the first to develop innovative technology and solution-driven services in the area of Sales and Marketing to immediately boost a company’s revenue and ROI.

What do we do?

The firm creates solutions for each company based on their needs, target sector/audience, and industry standards, helping them to better establish their presence in front of their target sector/audience and capture immediate opportunities and promising growth.Through its well-curated sales and marketing platforms and award shows, Summentorpro Sales and Marketing Consultants has proven to connect and facilitate recognition to over 1000+ and more decision makers.

About the founder

Nitika is a highly motivated individual with a positive outlook; she has a distinct style that exudes confidence.

She is a subject matter specialist who enjoys researching and learning about new ways. These qualities have proven to map her way through success at Summentorpro Sales and Marketing Consultants.

She is a pioneer, a visionary, and a risk-taker.

Aims to enhance the complete economy of India, through the meeting of youth, creative minds and innovation, allowing industries to set strong benchmarks making them future proof. We thrive to achieve global standards in-order to strengthen India’s status as a global power house of skill development.

Industry Events Services
Company size 11-50 employees
Headquarters Bangalore, Karnataka
Type Partnership
Founded 2016

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