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What is SunStream?

SunStream Global Technologies focuses on Electronic Design, Mechanical Design, Product Development, and related IT services. Sunstream supplies OEMs with products, solutions, and services that help them run their businesses more efficiently. Our solutions are designed to help our clients succeed by maximizing the return on their investments. Product Development, Maintenance Engineering, Re-Engineering, Product Environmental Compliance, and Engineering Process Outsourcing are some of the services we offer.

Their services department works with customers all around the world to help them make the most of their global delivery strategy and reduce development costs. They focus on developing trust and commitment in every one of their encounters to lay the groundwork for a long-term relationship with their clients. Their solutions department has formed strong worldwide collaborations with major product businesses to integrate and offer customized solutions in the areas of electronic design, mechanical design, product environmental compliance, and engineering data management.

Each member of their team has customer attention and dedication written into their DNA. Their great path is the result of their enthusiasm paired with their skills.

Their Services


PCB Design

One of the greatest ways to start an outsourcing partnership is with PCB layout. Several firms use local PCB designers who have past expertise working with outside entities. Using hardware experts for schematic drawing and PCB layout creates a bottleneck for R&D organizations. Similarly, most PCB layout groups find it difficult to manage many designs.

From library design to manufacturing and assembly support, their highly skilled PCB team can handle it all. Analog, digital, mixed-signal, and high-speed board designs are among the technologies that the team has worked with.

Electronic Design

Electronic goods are rapidly developing in terms of size, functionality, and cost. Every company is under intense pressure to provide products that meet or surpass market expectations. The electronics sector is undergoing a significant shift, blurring the lines between electronics, software, and mechanical designs.

Sunstream assists with electronic design for new product development, maintenance engineering, and re-engineering projects. They help SMEs and major corporations form engineering groups that will work as an extended development team. They provide business strategies that guarantee a greater return on investment and allow them to complete more projects with the available funds.

Mechanical Design

All product manufacturing firms are under constant pressure to deliver better products at lower costs and in a shorter time to market. As a result, organizations are going beyond their internal technical teams to meet difficult cost and schedule constraints.

Sunstream’s engineering team can help you with new product design and maintenance engineering, as well as helping you meet your business objectives. Sunstream may engage in projects as an extension of your internal engineering team and produce outcomes that will help you meet your goals on time and within budget.

Component Engineering

Because of the rapid growth of technology, the product development and production environment are continually under pressure. It’s never easy to manage design for manufacturing. Better component data management is required to address numerous issues in the design, production, and supply chain.

SunStream’s industry experience, along with competence in Component Engineering, Data Transformation, Process Automation, and Multilingual Sourcing, enables them to more effectively meet component engineering requirements. Their solid procedures, experienced staff, and proven solutions that include industry best practices breathe new life into the routine data engine approach that has been in place for years.

Other Services they provide include

  • Plant Engineering
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Software Services
  • Master Data Management
Company Director Unni Mecheeri
Industry Information Technology & Services
Company size 11-50 employees
Headquarters Bengaluru, Karnataka
Type Privately Held

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