Surya Roshni Ltd.

3. Mr. Jaiprakash Agarwal, Chairman - Surya Roshni Ltd. - 10 Best Trusted LED Lighting Companies in India 2022

Committed towards a better tomorrow

Amidst the journey from a subtle beginning to spearheading the technological revolution in the 21st century, Surya Roshni Limited has exceedingly come a long way from being just another steel tube-making unit back in 1973. Today, Surya Group has emerged into a colossal of over Rs. 5,975 Crore n FY 2018-19. Indian manufacturing company, exporting products to over 50 countries across the globe. It has manifested, not just a strong brand image, but also an irreplaceable mark on the minds and considerations of customers. The company focus on working passionately with all the latest technologies to make the lives of customers comfortable and delighted.

All the Surya LED products such as Surya LED lamp, LED batten, LED downlighter LED panel light, LED bulb, LED ceiling lights, LED ceiling downlights are specially manufactured in-house at the fully integrated plants in Kashipur (Uttarakhand) and Gwalior (M.P), supported by Surya Technology & Innovation Centre (STIC) at Noida – an advance state-of-the-art lighting laboratory and research center with the specific focus on energy-efficient lighting products such as LED and its luminaires. This ensures the production of only the best cutting-edge products at all times.

Their Four Value Pillars

  • customer Satisfaction: At Surya, they are driven by the philosophy that whatever they are today or whatever they will be tomorrow is the result of the effort they put into manufacturing the products services that they offer. But even more than that, they believe their achievement is because of the trust and confidence imposed on them by their customers. Their passion towards customer satisfaction through their effective exceptional products and services is their core motto towards success.
  • Integrity: Adhering to moral principles, they share an undivided spirit. This integrity is a virtue that is reflected in their personal lives, financial transactions, and business deals.
  • Social Responsibility: They try hard to help Mother Nature and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce as well as of the local community and society at large. They strive to create eco-friendly products such as LED lighting products, BLDC fans, 5 star rated fans & home appliances and optimize our resources to conserve the environment. Their earnest endeavor is to maximize customer comfort while minimizing environmental and social challenges in the communities where we live and work.
  • Surya Parivar Philosophy: A principle-centric, close-knit family which stands high on the pillars of trust, team spirit, and mutual respect for one another.

At Surya Roshni, they want to be the largest global enterprise that delivers optimized solutions to its consumers and value to its stakeholders. To provide the best steel pipe, lighting & consumer durable products, and technology for markets across the world. Its mission is to be a global leader by consistently exceeding consumer demands, upgrading technology, making quality products, building long-term relationships with all our customers, partners, associates, and employees.


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