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When the right people, updated technology, and the desire to innovate come together, transformation happens, and leaders are created. Systematic Group believes in this philosophy and has emerged as a leading technology company in the field of steel wire and coating conversion.

Systematic started operations in 2000 with a modest capacity of 300 MT per month and today they have scaled up to 10,000 MT per month across various products, industries, and geographies. Systematic Group has been able to scale not only vertically in terms of their impressive product solutions in the steel wire space, but also horizontally, with a growing reach across continents.

Systematic Group’s horizons widens beyond steel wire manufacturing.

Their steel wires are designed for highly specialized applications in the power and transmission, infrastructure, automotive, agricultural, and allied engineering industries and are now used not only in India but also in Southeast Asia, Europe,Africa, and the Middle East.

Their strength lies in the sheer brilliance of their technology, which allows steel wires to undergo extreme customization to meet the exact specifications of their customers and provide surface treatment solutions for steel products.Systematic Group’s horizons expand beyond the production of steel wires. They are constantly pushing for innovation in steel wire technology to enable consistent growth in this space. They are a source of livelihood for 1200 people. Their team includes highly qualified engineers, metallurgists, and MBAs who help build their organization and push them forward beyond itsstrengths.

Its mission is to provide the best service to their customers, opportunities for growth to their employees, and sustainable returns to its shareholders.

What Are They Doing?

  • They process wire rods to finer sizes to meet the exact specifications of their customers
  • Based on the application, they transform the surface or apply coatings to improve the mechanical and technical properties of the material

How Better they Are Every Day

  • Several hi-tech manufacturing units are located near Mumbai, the commercial capital of India.
  • Modern production facilities with an annual capacity exceeding 100,000 MT.
  • All India distribution and supply chain

How They Are in A Systematic Way

  • Growth Orientation:They must continuously grow sales, volume, new markets, new products, and customers.
  • Employees Growth: They are an employee-first organization. They will provide opportunities for career growth, better work-life balance, remuneration, and upskilling of employees. 
  • Customer Growth: Their intentions will focus on how they can facilitate their customer’s growth because they strongly believe that their customer’s growth will help them achieve their growth. 
  • Luck: They need to be involved in creating a positively charged atmosphere in the organization that will ultimately result in the overall happiness of everyone around them. Their communication should reflect a positive attitude towards everyone. 
  • Speed: They must fulfill their obligations on time without follow-up with internal and external customers. 
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: They must provide an environment where all employees should have a sense of belonging to the organization and take responsibility for the assigned work.


  • Competitiveness: They must always be alert and try to stay ahead of the competition. They must regularly analyze their costs, quality, and delivery. 
  • Service Orientation: They must treat everyone as a customer and understand that they exist because of them. They must consistently conduct result-oriented communication and actions. 
  • High Productivity, High Efficiency: They will set goals and objectives (KRAs) for all business activities and monitor and review them regularly. They must take corrective action when necessary. 
  • Sustainable Stakeholder Returns: They must ensure that all their activities generate sustainable returns for their shareholders and the holistic growth of the organization.

 Their Products:

  1. GalvanizedWIRE
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire
  • Wire for Gabions
  • Wire for Agriculture and Fencing
  1. Wires For Power Industry
  • Round and Flat Cable Armour Wire
  • Galvanized Steel Core Wire for ACSR Conductor
  • Galvanized Steel Tapes
  1. High And Low Carbon Wire
  • Spring Steel Wire
  • Cold Headed Quality (CHQ) Wire
  • Fine Wire for Steel Fibres
  • Rope Wire
  • Conveyor Belt Wire
  • Annealed Wire
  • Prestressed Concrete (PC) Wire
  • Binding Wire
  1. Wire & Wire Products
  • Welded Wire Mesh
  • CO2 /MIG Welding Wire
  • Stay Wire

 Their Quality and R&D

 Their goal is to make wire better suited to your everyday applications. They are one of the few companies in India that havea research and development cell that focuses on improving the technical properties of steel wires and coatings. Their R&D is committed to developing a process that will help their customers with quality products and cost savings.

They truly believe that innovation is the key to a Systematic’s long-term sustainability. And only through constant innovation,theycan sustain their work in the field of steel wire for generations.

They strive to develop higher-quality products using innovative manufacturing processes for both galvanized and non-galvanized wire products.

One of the recent results of their extensive research and development efforts has been the development of a unique electroplating technology that results in a highly corrosion-resistant zinc coating. This process provides 25% more corrosion resistance than conventional galvanizing processes.

Due to their consistent efforts, they are the leader in manufacturing environment-friendly (lead and acid-free) electroplating processes in India.

Their manufacturing units are equipped with state-of-the-art testing equipment. Their vigilant team of quality control engineers carefully examines each product at every stage of the manufacturing process to eliminate all substandard products and materials.

Their Mission

They want to be the preferred place of excellence where all stakeholders grow with pride and happiness.

Their goal is:

  • Take proactive initiatives to facilitate the professional development and general well-being of their employees.
  • Invest in regular training programs to continually add value and improve competencies and overall employee satisfaction
  • To provide their customers with excellent products, services, and solutions.
  • Create sustainable value for their shareholders by enabling growth and happiness
  • Anticipate and embrace change.

Their Commitment

Quality is an integral part of Systematic Group’s values; they are committed to producing the best possible product that meets or exceeds customer expectations. They carry out strict quality controls that start at the reception of raw materials and continue at every single stage of the production process.


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