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“A rapidly-growing integrated research based pharmaceutical company, Taj Pharma Group is an institution working indefatigably to discover, develop and distribute best quality pharma products to the needy and serve mankind with our devoted medical staff comprising highly quality professionals with a rich wealth of experience. “

Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd.: Generic Pharmaceutical Company in India

The founder of Taj Pharmaceuticals, Dr. R. K. Singh, is a pioneering entrepreneur who is convinced that the future belonged to branded pharmaceutical products. He is among the first to recognise that the industrial manufacture of standardised medicines would be a major advance in the fight against disease. This led him to found Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd. in India & Abroad. From the very beginning, Dr. R. K. Singh attached great importance to product information as the link between the pharmaceutical manufacturer and doctors, pharmacists and patients. Shortly after the foundation of the company, affiliates were opened in Mauritius, Malaysia, Dubai, Moscow, England, France, the US, Great Britain and Russia. Since then, Taj Pharmaceuticals has grown into one of the world’s leading healthcare companies and one of the most important India.

Pharmaceuticals Inc., a product-driven pharmaceutical firm with diverse skills, is TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. RPI is a newcomer to the US market, but it is far from a new participant. RPI is an attractive business ally since it is a wholly owned subsidiary of TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. We have product research and manufacturing capabilities, as well as the ability to commercialise products in a variety of global markets. Collaboration with partners with complementary capabilities is an important aspect of our business strategy – a “Win-Win” strategy that benefits both our partners and RPI.

RPI has already had commercial success in the US health-care industry, and via collaboration and strategic alliances, it expects to see even more growth and future business opportunities.

API Development and Production

Dosage Form Development and


Contract Manufacturing

Sales and Marketing

Marketing Strategies


API Development and Production

For those who want to manufacture their own product or brand, without the time and costs associated with developing the API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient), TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. can provide the API, eliminating this step from your process. The key advantages of using TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LTD.’ backwardly integrated system are:

Ensuring continuity of supply

Ensuring consistent quality of product

Competitive costs

Resources to respond in a timely fashion to meet demand

Dosage Form Development and Manufacturing

TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LTD.’ experience as a global manufacturer makes us aptly suited to take on the complex process of solid or liquid dosage form development. At TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LTD., we continually reverse engineer to improve upon our development process, enhancing the yield, with a focus on cost efficiencies.

Contract Manufacturing

To expand your product line with minimum investment, TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. provides “LOCK KEY” manufacturing services including API and dosage form development, to allow you to focus on marketing and selling the product. This is an efficient way to increase your product line and profit margins, while taking advantage of TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LTD.’ manufacturing experience and expertise.

Sales and Marketing

TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. has set itself apart in the marketplace by the rapid growth of its product line, its willingness to emulate complex drug formulations, and its core competencies in anti-infectives, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and analgesics arenas. TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. has a commercial advantage as many of the high-profit branded drugs with expiring patents over the next few years are in the categories where TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. has proven its expertise.

RPI has a self-contained marketing group that works to co-market products (the same chemical under different brands), and co-promote products (the same brand name carried by two different companies). RPI has marketed their services out to other companies, as they perform all of the steps in the pharmaceutical process – from development and manufacturing to distribution and sales.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies as emphasized by the name is the department which is focused primarily on developing and establishing different strategies for the promotion/distribution of Branded/Generic as well as the OTC products for RPI.

One of the key tasks for the department is to identify/look out for various opportunities in different markets or channels of distribution and to pursue those opportunities developing and establishing new relationships in the market. Managed Care / Internet marketing are few of the key areas that the department is looking to introduce into their ever expanding products portfolio.

The department is headed by DR.C.R.BHATT and together with his team they are dedicated to strive and promote RPI products into the new expanding market horizon.

RPI’s commitment to quickly expanding the breadth and depth of their product line has been key to their success in the marketplace.


RPI prides itself on taking a creative, mutually beneficial approach to licensing arrangements. By being open to both outward and inward licensing opportunities, RPI fulfills unmet needs in the marketplace.

Taj Pharmaceuticals a Company

The Beginnings

With a basket including personal care, health care and other products, TAJ GROUP has set up Group Companies across the world that can manage its businesses more efficiently. Given the vast range of products, sourcing, production and marketing have been divested to leading group companies that conduct their operations independently.

Our company clear vision to bring Ayurveda to society in a contemporary form and to unravel the mystery behind the 5,000 year old system of medicine. This included referring to ancient ayurvedic texts, selecting indigenous herbs and subjecting the formulations to modern pharmacological, toxicological and safety tests to create new drugs and therapies. We export API, branded formulations and generic formulations to over 14 countries. Our inherent strength lies in identifying relevant API and formulations, and selling them at affordable prices across the world. All this has been possible because of our innovative and sustained marketing efforts. We are all set to spread our wings further and touch more lives across the globe.

Healthy Environment

As a responsible corporate citizen espoused to the cause of a better quality of life, Taj Pharmaceuticals accords high priority to Safety, Health and Environment. We are committed to protecting the environment we operate in, and ensuring the health and safety of our employees and stakeholders.


Our mission is to become the recognized leader in accelerating discovery and development of novel, small molecule drug therapies. The innovative application of our proprietary computational lead drug design technology provides the opportunity to substantially compress the time and cost of drug development and have a dramatic impact on important disease states.

Taj Pharmaceuticals products can broadly be categorized into four main ranges


Personal Care


Animal Health


The medicinal range broadly classified into four categories

Children’s Health

Men’s Health

Women’s Health

General Health

Pure Herbal & gaributti

Amalaki: Useful in treating cough, cold, sore throat and respiratory tract infections. It protects cells from free radical damage and is an excellent anti oxidant.

Arjuna: This herb improves blood circulation and is used as a tonic for the heart.

Ashvagandha: Commonly known as Winter Cherry, this herb acts as an ant-stress agent that imparts a sense of well-being and helps in coping with life’s daily stresses.

Brahmi: A well-known herb that helps in improving general alertness.

Karela: Commonly known as Bitter Gourd, it is known to aid in the metabolism of carbohydrates.

Lasuna: Commonly referred to as Garlic, Lasuna helps in controlling the excess conversion of lipids and cholesterol.

Neem: A popular herb, Neem has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and blood purifying properties. It is very useful in skin disorders and helps maintain a healthy, beautiful and glowing skin.

Shuddha Guggulu: It regulates fat metabolism and helps remove excess cholesterol from the body.

Shallaki: This herb treats joint problems.

Tagara: It has mild sedative properties, which are useful for insomnia and sleep disorders.

Triphala: A digestive aid compound and a bowel cleanser.

Tulasi: It has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, and is useful in respiratory tract infections like dry or wet cough, cold and sore throat.

(Mr. A. K. Singh) Chief Executive Officer Message

I am very pleased to welcome you to Taj Pharmaceuticals, one of the world’s leading research-based healthcare companies.

At Taj Pharmaceuticals, we are dedicated to innovating healthcare. All our efforts are directed towards developing novel solutions for major unmet medical needs. Over the years, our search for better ways of maintaining and restoring health has resulted in a steady stream of pioneering therapeutic and diagnostic products and services.

Taj Pharmaceuticals is the global leader in diagnostics and one of the world’s top ten pharmaceutical companies. We play a leading role in therapeutic areas such as cancer, virology and transplantation. The combined strengths of our diagnostics and pharmaceuticals businesses, coupled with expertise in the emerging genetic sciences, equip us to develop integrated healthcare solutions and therapeutic approaches tailored to individual patients’ needs. Taj Pharmaceutical’s products and services address the entire healthcare spectrum, from screening for genetic risk factors, to preventing, diagnosing and treating disease, and monitoring the treatment response.

We deliver a unique contribution to better healthcare. We aim to reduce suffering and improve health and quality of life of people all around the world. At Taj Pharmaceuticals, we have pursued this mission with patience, dedication, imagination and skill, for over a century. Our vision is to develop targeted medicines and diagnostic tools that combine to offer patients, physicians and payers better, safer, more cost-effective healthcare.

Once again, welcome to Taj Pharmaceuticals, a great company that is translating a great vision into reality – We Innovate Healthcare.

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