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Public speaking made easy!

Practice makes … if you said “perfect”, I prefer “better”.

In public speaking, you can’t control everything.

​The fear of falling short of perfection stops people from starting in the first place.

But it’s never too late to start learning and be better than you were.

Talent Academy is an award-winning public speaking training academy that has a theatre-based approach to help people overcome their public speaking anxieties. The founder Sanja notes that people often have such a large focus on the process of producing work, that they create a culture that is difficult for employees to buy into, which can then have a negative impact on the outcomes of the business. Strict rules such as a formal dress code, working 9-5 and separating work and home life are often associated with the corporate world. Talent Academy strives to move away from such stereotypes, she strongly believes that having this relaxed environment allows employees to feel more comfortable and work more effectively to produce significant outcomes. The movement from a stereotypical corporate culture towards a more relaxed, outcomes-based environment is growing ever more present in businesses across the globe.

At Talent Academy, they start off the week with a “round-table”, where they start with one person who shares what they did on the weekend, moving around the table until everyone has had a turn. They then address what we each need to work on that day.  Sanja points out that in our modern world she could have easily hired robots to do the work her employees do, but she wanted humans. So unlike robots, humans need to socialize and share their lives with one another – because we all have more to our lives than just work!

Services they provide:

  • Media Services – voiceovers & promo videos:  They can provide you with an experienced talent for voice-overs and marketing actors. Whether you’ve been doing videos for a while or it’s your first time, you can’t deny that it is an incredibly useful tool in this day and age! They can help you create flawless promo videos. They have a pool of talent and actors they can draw on as well as voiceover artists to create attention-grabbing marketing content. If you don’t have access to a studio setup, you don’t have to go through the expense – you can use one of their experts. No matter what your budget is, they can offer something to help.

Courses they provide:

  • Presenting For Camera and Online
  • Storytelling
  • Webinars
  • Free resources

They offer a range of online courses that will help you conquer any or all these fears. With courses ranging from Storytelling to getting TEDx Ready, there is sure to be something right for you. Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned professional, they have a course to suit your needs. After all, practice makes better! 

Sanja is a speaker, coach, entertainer, and educator. She thrives on facilitating organizational change, operating under the firm belief that the most important part of the process is effective communication. After 18 years as a performer in the theatre world, Sanja has extensive stage experience and non-verbal communication skills. Sanja has received multiple awards for her expertise in communication training, including but not limited to: Woman Entrepreneur of the Year (2021), Top Ten Female Mindset Coaches of Australia (2021), Finalist in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards (2019), and the International Leader Award (2019) in which she was recognized as a future leader by international leaders.

Website- https://www.talentacademy.com.au/

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