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Sports Management Simplified

AcadWare is developed by TalentServ Sports Private Limited. TalentServ Sports is leading the digital transformation of sports. They use cutting-edge technology to enable data-driven player management to maximize performance and discover exceptional talent. AcadWare is a comprehensive sports App to effectively & in a less laborious way manage & coordinate on day to day administrative, training, coaching & scouting activities. Athlete Assessments App & Long-Term Athlete Development App are a part of AcadWare.

AcadWare is an easy-to-use mobile application that represents the digital future of sports training and player assessments – with immediate positive benefits not only to Owners, Managers, frontline administrative Staff, coaches but also to athletes/ players/ subscribers & their Parents or Guardians. AcadWare helps you to very effectively, 100% Digitally & smartly deal with day-to-day academy management challenges like delayed payments, unmonitored attendance, non-existent coaching plans, irregular player assessments, and disengaged parents.


  • Digitization: More and more businesses and industries are being run on software and sports with no exception. Technology adoption brings down costs, enables innovation, and improves the quality of service to customers. AcadWare facilitates the software-based transformation of organizations using their all-in-one cloud-based sports management platform.
  • Engagement: They believe that organizations that engage and communicate with their members meaningfully, will retain the members with the sport and the organization much longer. AcadWare has features like messaging, assessments, coach feedback, news & announcements that dramatically improve member engagement with your organization.
  • Performance: At elite levels, athletes must follow a sound training regime, and their performance is monitored closely. AcadWare provides a calendar-based training scheduler with features like workout plans, coaching drills, performance assessments and trends, injury management, and competition tracker.

AcadWare will empower your all staff to help improve fee and attendance compliance, execute predefined coaching drills and perform player regular assessments. It’s useful insightful dashboards that help you monitor effectiveness and make informed business decisions for your sports organization. AcadWare provides free access to players & parents to view academy news, monitor attendance, and make online payments & is a better way to develop sports talent, keep players & parents informed & highly engaged.

Their mission is to develop top-class sports talent who can bring glory to your academy and in turn to your nation with the help of your administrative staff, coaches & also consulting with other teams of sports specialists.

Website- https://acadware.com/

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