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“At Tatva Hospitality, we thrive on challenges. It gives us an opportunity to illustrate our ability to adapt to new situations, with our creativity and offer a gamut of services after understating your need from the planning stage to operations.”

Tatva Hospitality: Committed to providing Boutique Resorts and Leisure Properties with Requisite Services

Tourism and hospitality, a vital industry of the Indian economy, contributes significantly to the expansion of Brand India and employs over 12.4 percent of the country’s workforce. With the uptick in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries, hotels, resorts, and restaurants are searching for professional guidance to lead them through the process, whether it’s rigorous planning, analytical business thinking, exhaustive market research, or smart execution.

Tatva Hospitality Private Limited (THPL), a company that provides superior tailored management and consulting services to the dynamic world of boutique leisure properties and resort operations management, fits well into the scenario.

Tatva Hospitality was founded primarily to enable boutique resorts in South India achieve professional standards and to deliver an enriching experience to the discerning guest. The philosophy of the company is derived from the term ‘Tatva’! It can be rendered as ‘fundamental,”reality,’ ‘truth,’ or ‘principle’ in Sanskrit. “At Tatva Hospitality, we aspire to use our wealth of expertise, to complement your ideas with a touch of innovation,” each of these lines echoes the firm’s ideals and serves as a beacon to guide their business. Manoj Kunisseri, CEO of Tatva Hospitality, states, “We are committed to providing an end-to-end solution as partners to manage and run boutique resorts across India.”

Overcoming Obstacles

Tatva, like every other business, had to start from the ground up. “We came across all the obstacles that generally beset a company, such as cash flow management, finding the proper personnel, and getting the initial break through,” Manoj explains. However, we have been able to become a vital participant in the business via sheer patience, endurance, a good staff, and, most importantly, a very patient Director cum investor.”

Without my colleague Vivek Vinod, Tatva would not be where it is now. Tatvas’ growth has been aided by his extensive education, extensive experience, and comprehensive insight. Also, a special mention for our Director, Ranjan M, who has aided the company’s general growth by being extremely critical and pushing us to the limit! The company has expanded naturally over time. “Since we’ve evolved organically, we’ve kept a slow and steady pace. “All of our ventures have come via word of mouth,” he continues. Needless to say, the firm leaves no stone unturned in order to assist their clients in improving their operational efficiencies and bottom line.

Tatva’s boutique resort consulting services assist its clients in developing resorts that are distinctive in idea, deliver a unique guest experience, appeal to the evolved traveller, and instil sustainable principles for a better tomorrow. “Our clients, who are largely boutique resorts, have comparable issues in terms of destinations, service consistency, and adopting sustainable methods.” Project consultation, feasibility study report preparation, sales and marketing, technology consulting, and property audits are just some of the services that enable us synthesise customer demands and give holistic solutions,” he continues.

An Advantage Over Others

Team Tatva is well known for its flagship property, The Ibnii, an Eco-Luxury resort. “We’ve already won an award from Outlook Traveler for Best Debut Hotel and a Global Brands Magazine award for Best Eco-Luxe Resort.” Manoj adds, “We’ve also been shortlisted for the Responsible Tourism Awards by Outlook Traveler.” Team Tatva plans to manage and operate ten boutique resorts in South India by 2021. “We want to achieve this through our devotion, passion, and never say die mentality,” Manoj continues, highlighting the future roadmap. We will attain our objectives by providing customised solutions and delivering them to the highest professional standards.”

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