TCS records strong double-digit growth in the first quarter

TCS records strong double digit growth in first quarter

The June quarter results of TCS and comments, like Accenture two weeks ago, underscore the strong trend. With continuous revenue, TCS revenue grew by 3.5% respectively and 15.5% year-on-year. In terms of dollars, revenue increased by 10.2% annually to $ 6.7 billion per quarter.

Revenue growth was led by North America and was widely supported by all verticals in the industry. The share of sales has declined since the decline of the epidemic with strong growth of 25.1% year-on-year on a fixed basis.

“This has been the fourth and strongest performance, continuing our journey of the past year and the last few quarters. As we look at our customers’ environment and customer conversations, we see an ongoing need as reflected in our pipeline and closure deals,” said TCS chief executive officer and MD Rajesh Gopinathan.

Bookings for TCS contracts (total contract) were $ 8.2 billion per quarter, down 27.4% respectively and up 1.2% year on year. There have been a few deals in the $ 400-billion-plus range. Growth was led by cloud, consultation, and mergers.

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