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About Roastea

The history of Roastea began with long, tedious working hours for 3 years at one of the biggest law firms of India. Pulling several late-nighters demanded a constant need for premium and fresh tea, coffee, green tea or other immunity boosters. The co-founders, Chaitanya and Anurag had to carry ‘coffee decoction’ from home or forego the comfort of a hot beverage in the middle of the night. Good home-made masala chai was never available in offices through existing vending machines. The tea made on stove lacked the consistency in taste and quality. The only way to beat this was to go to a tapri or an expensive café out of office.

The genesis of Roastea emerged with a clear vision of serving speciality coffee, chai and other allied beverages to all. At Roastea, the team aims to serve good quality, hygienic and easy-to-operate beverage dispensing alternatives in the Indian market. This was further accentuated by the reality that there were no coffee/tea vending machines which served authentic Indian masala tea. Although there were pre-mix alternatives or dip-dip tea alternatives, neither were truly preferred by the tea connoisseurs.

All the Roastea vending machines are “IoT enabled”. Roastea has successfully “leveraged technology” to optimize utilization of resources by reducing wastages, collecting user preferences and analyzing consumer behaviour. Over and above the IoT technology, during this unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, our Roastea vending machines also come with an option of “Contactless/Touchless Dispensing” where customers can simply download the Roastea application on their mobile phones, scan a QR Code and get their favourite beverages dispensed from Roastea vending machine without touching anything.

3 Powers of Roastea Vending Machines

The H&H (Health and Hygiene) Protocol safeguards the Hygienic Prowess of Roastea Vending Machines

The PMC (Preventive Maintenance) Protocol safeguards the Operational Prowess of Roastea Vending Machines

The Techno Maintenance Protocol safeguards the Technological Prowess of Roastea Vending Machines

Our Covid Protocols

All our operators wear masks throughout their client visits

All our operators ensure that they sanitize themselves before entering the clients’ offices

Roastea continuously monitors the temperature and health of its operators and ensures that none of the operators who are on-site visits has any symptoms of Covid-19

Health & Hygiene Policies and Protocols

At Roastea, Hygiene is set as the most essential principle.

Our H&H Protocols are highly organised and robust with comprehensive implementation of integrated cleanliness management systems for our vending machines.

Our experts visit the client’s site every 15 days to conduct an intensive hygienic inspection on the machine and ensure that the H&H Protocols and Policy of Roastea are being maintained and carried out regularly.

The H&H Protocols also involve inspection of all the pipes, motors and valves inside the machines and undertake necessary service actions as deemed fit by our experts.

The H&H Policy and Protocols ensure that Roastea Vending Machines are healthy and hygienic 24x7x365 days!

Preventive Maintenance Policies and Protocols

The ‘PMC’ protocol is executed on a fortnightly basis, during which our experts visit the client’s site to conduct the IPM protocols on the machines.

This process safeguards the set standard operating procedures of Roastea concerning the coffee/tea decoction drums, the in-built temperature-controlled milk canisters, the state-of-the-art Roastea brewing and dispensing mechanisms and the pre-programmed dispensing ratios.

Techno Maintenance Policies and Protocols

Roastea Vending Machines are intuitive machines inbuilt with sophisticated and advanced technology.

These vending machines run on Roastea’s proprietary IoT platform that entails prompt servicing and transparent billing systems, along with complete analysis of consumption data.

Our technical experts visit the clients’ offices to conduct a comprehensive technical and mechanical assessment of the vending machines monthly.

Chairman and Managing Director

Mr Ravi Bhamidipaty is a BCom gold medalist, Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant and a Company Secretary. He has over 35 years of industry and financial experience. He was the Chief Financial Officer in Adani Group. Mr Ravi is the Chairman and Managing Director of Roastea and the oversees the financial functions of the Company and is the Chief Mentor.

Co-founders and Executive Directors

Anurag and Chaitanya Bhamidipaty are former corporate lawyers, both being BCom and LLB (Hons.) graduates from Gujarat National Law University. They have a diverse experience in raising funds through IPO’s, QIP’s and rights issues. Having an urge to become entrepreneurs and with a keen interest in the coffee and tea industry, both quit their corporate jobs and co-founded Roastea, with a determination to provide quality coffee, tea and other beverages to all the coffee and tea connoisseurs through vending machines, smart kiosks and online retail store.

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