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10. Madhavi Latha Jannabhatla Director Technosheens Software Services Pvt Ltd The 10 Best IT Companies in India - 2022 The 10 Best IT Companies in India 2022

Transfer of management software services for a better team building

Technosheens has started with high motivation from a talented technical team to create jobs for skilled software engineers, young graduates with multi-technical skills. Technosheens provides talent-sharing services to their partners and customers on a need basis. They assure their partners and clients with their skilled talent resources that you can execute the projects without any hindrance in project delivery. They aim to provide support to their partners and customers so that they can deliver projects on time and bring their products to market quickly. They can always rely on Technosheens considering their resources.

Technosheens provides highly skilled resources to partners and clients in various software development, various roles starting from Graduate Development Programs, Software Developers, Team Leads, Senior Software Developers, Project Managers, Team Managers, Program Managers, Technology Architects, Solution Architects Management. Database Programmers, Architects and Designers, Dataware Designers, Business Intelligence Developers, and more.

Similar roles in enterprise web applications, microservices development, application program interfaces, cloud infrastructure design, cloud development and deployment, IoT, artificial intelligence, blockchain development, machine learning, AWC cloud setup, deployment, and upcoming technologies. By choosing Technosheens, their customers can focus more on the development of their business rather than worrying about the technical aspects of development, deployment, and maintenance.

Their QA Services

Using QA frameworks allows them to develop more useful and usable test materials and define and develop a set of good working principles and practices. They use several frameworks to test large amounts of your data and optimize the results of your automated functional testing. They manipulate data sets, perform calculations and build test iterations, designed to guarantee your code and data are readable and usable. They generate test data obtained from multiple sources, then test functionality multiple times using different sets of input data. They do hybrid testing using a collection of frameworks that leverage the benefits of different frameworks running at the same time.

Their Software Development

Technosheens provides services in software development using various technologies like Java, Python, Ruby, Go, Kotlin, Android, iOS, Angular JS, React JS, SQL, ASP.NET, and other upcoming technologies.

  • Enterprise Web Application
  • Microservice Development
  • Cloud Infrastructure Design
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain Development
  • User Experience Design


They always prefer to follow customer happy methodology in application development rather than motivating customers to follow their methodology. However, they always help their clients to choose the industry best practices in methodology and patterns to simplify the process and reduce the bottlenecks in development and maintenance.

Technosheens’ vision is to create more jobs in India and support young graduates, groom them by providing them various training on various upcoming software technologies in artificial intelligence, data science, cloud technology, machine learning, blockchain, and many other technology trends.


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