Tecxar Consultants – Build A World Were People Dream Without Limitations And Perform Without Hesitation


Would you tell us about Tecxar Consultants Pvt Ltd (Vision and Mission)?

Our vision is to build a world where people dream without limitation and perform without hesitation. An Idea is just the beginning of a new better world.

Our mission is to enable our customers to focus on their core business capabilities and empower them to have a digital and technological presence.

How do you stay on top of changes in the process, changes in thought of industries that you are going to look at more now?

I think, over the long haul, the market is changing, and average office representatives are not in any way what they were ten years ago. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become inevitable for businesses eventually resulting in changing work priorities. Our solution is simplification and automation. Business Processes themselves are cumbersome enough, to add a cherry to the cake is dealing with complex real-time situations, the one we are dealing with currently.

‘This development has helped advancement altogether different backgrounds, and tech has seen a rise. Companies would require the right devices of techno-practical blended with tasks the executives, and that is the place where we come in with our ability altogether sections of the process.

We bring industry experience in Web technologies, Mobile technologies, Database Management, Server Management, DevOps, Business Process Management & Automation, Analytics and Operational Excellence.

We blend technology with the clients’ people-force to work in synergy to achieve their goals, delivering end-user satisfaction and faster TAT. We are happy to be collaborated with recognized brands to accomplish our vision to make this world a better place.

Why choose Tecxar Consultants Pvt Ltd?

Tecxar is a new age Startup and a leading service provider in the IT space, headquartered in India. It was incorporated with a vision to provide curated Customized Solutions for its customers across the world and help them establish their digital goals. We at Tecxar, are focused on innovating new Technologies and Business Processes to improve the quality, scalability, and efficiency of solutions for our customers.

Tecxar has developed a strong portfolio and client base globally in a short span of time and continuously thrive to expand. Our team works continuously to provide technical solutions to our customers to help them succeed in their businesses. At Tecxar, we take the approach of building a framework for our customers that allows them to achieve their goals.

How clients are getting benefited by doing business with you?

Our solution is simplification and automation. Ever heard, this is not possible because of product limitations? Our technology doesn’t support this flow? Business wants A and the application delivers B, we need to add a manual process to achieve process implementation.

Well, we are proud to not hinder the free flow of thoughts of our business users for their business and process implementation. We are here for your business supported by our technology and not the other way. We get your customized business cases created right away to guarantee you don’t need to do workarounds when you as of now have the item. We additionally guarantee our clients don’t need to agree with item standards and penance their business interaction.


How does Tecxar Consultants Pvt Ltd work on making the industry better?

We have faith in improving with each step we take forward. With curated arrangements and improved safety efforts, we guarantee our client information protection and 100% automation. In our undertaking to serve our clients, we endeavour to accomplish the best for them. We are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 Certified Company with numerous honours to help in the crude long periods of our beginning. In terms of skills and development do visit our company site https://tecxar.io for our relevant work. We provide the best-trained resources with a dedicated account manager to suit your project needs. Benefits

We offer :

  • Competitive Price
  • Best Tech Support
  • Adaptive mindset for innovative solutions for the modern problems
  • Technical Architect Review
  • Effective Solution Design and Integration
  • Trained & Skilled Developers and IT Professionals
  • Timely Code Review and code architecture etc.

What can be expected from you in the upcoming years?

Necessity is the mother of all inventions, is a true statement, with this changing world the scope has further elaborated to incorporate new improved solutions and we in Tecxar always welcome new opportunities for our business development and our employee’s growth as well. In Future, we aim to provide highly efficient solutions and enrichment to our clients and the industry.

Tell us about the CEO/Founder of Tecxar and how they help their customers.

Prashant is a young and dynamic new age technocrat, who has the acumen of understanding complex & versatile technology stacks according to business implementation. He draws his expertise working with various start-ups and product-based companies such as iPatient Care Inc and FIS Global as a Technical Lead building enterprise and end-user applications.

His main interest is in technology and as a tech-prenaur, he has been able to lead the company and its client to the best technology stack needed with improved application performance, secure and clean code practices.

Secure and clean code practices; the building block of the tech world has allowed him to tackle multiple issues faced by our customers. He believes, No matter how complex the problem is, answers are always modest and right in front of us.

Year of Founding:2019
Funding Information None
Founding Members: Prashant Sharma and Sonia Sharma
Head Office Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Company Strength:20+
Website: https://tecxar.io/

Sources and references : https://tecxar.io/

Story by : Swiftnlift Business Magazine Company

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