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5. Faizan Khan, Founder - Tensor Dynamics Pvt. Ltd. - The 10 Most Promising Clean Tech Startups 2022

Forecasting the weather of future

How did you have the thought of establishing a Weather & Climate analytics company?

I was always inclined towards sustainable energy. While I was writing my M.Tech dissertation in Renewable power forecasting in collaboration with the Power grid of India, I realized the growing importance of climate sciences in the ongoing power sector transition. Reflecting more upon it, I gathered how Climate science and its application in different sectors are most crucial for fighting climate change. My interest in the field and the importance of its application in future growth led me to start a Weather and Climate analytics company.

What kind of challenges did you face initially?

I started this company alone and I could not find any of my colleagues or friends to join in full time; I was handling all the operations of my start-up alone with almost no money to start with as, I was just finishing my M.Tech at that time. My Professor, Dr. Somnath Baidya Roy, helped me register the company as one of the directors and guided me through the initial phase.

Another major challenge I face is with investors. Indian investors are keen to invest in a business with high opportunities in the current market with traction. The kind of business Tensor Dynamics is doing involves a lot of R&D, which investors find  difficult to understand in terms of business.

How has been the journey of Tensor Dynamics so far?

It has been a tough road as I started fresh out of college without any funding or team. I relied on myself to learn, build, and sell. We have done development projects with the major names in the industry like Power Grid of India, NTPC, and Adani Renewables till now. With the help of insights that I found working with these giants, I also developed a solution to tackle the utmost challenge with grid integration of renewable energy and filed a provisional patent on it.

What are the opportunities in the Indian Weather industry?

I feel the Indian weather industry is in its initial stage as most of the industries get affected by weather and climate change, but very few of them have started to address it. India being a tropical country, the weather is very dynamic, and it affects major industries directly or indirectly like Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Power Transmission, Transport, and Logistics to name a few. For India to become an efficient economy in the future, we need to start minimizing the losses occurring due to a lack of weather and climate analytics.

Which industries are you eying at the moment?

Currently, we are working in the Renewable Energy industry. We have spent the last 2 years trying to understand the market needs and the major problems this industry faces. We have developed 2 different products to serve the industry for which we have recently passed the market validity through POC. 1 Weather forecast data for wind and solar power projects: To fill the weather data vacuum by providing high-quality weather data on different time scales. 2. Power forecast and QCA services: This service is curated according to the regulations as per government with a hybrid approach of Climate models, Satellite data, and IoT to reduce penalties for RE power plants. 

Year of Founding2018
Founding Members:Faizan Khan, Dr. Somnath Baidya Roy
Office Locations:TBIU Complex, IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi
Company Strength:8

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