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“Creating the sustainable environment by engineering the waste-water treatment methods”

Tell us about the journey of your company. Its vision & mission.

Our journey started in 2017 with a mission of “Repaying our water debt to mother earth” by treating, recycling and reusing wastewater wherever we could.

Our vision is to see the name Tevoren synonymous to “Water Treated, Saved & Recycled”

What were the constraints you faced while starting with the company?

We wouldn’t call the “learnings & valuable experiences” as constraints, but “growth opportunities” that made us strong and helped us survive.

“Ever Tried. Ever Failed. No Matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better.” By Samuel Barclay Beckett has always helped us in difficult times.

Tell us about your services and the technologies used for that.

We provide Water & Wastewater Engineering services to our customers, namely:

  • Wastewater Recycling
  • Zero Liquid Discharge
  • Sewage/Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Low-Pressure & High-Pressure Filtration
  • Ion-Exchange/Resin based systems.
  • Operation & Maintenance of Water/Wastewater infrastructure

We make use of following technologies:

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How do you stand different than those who are already into this business?

We take moral responsibility of our design/system; we stand beside our client no-matter-what.

We ask a “LOT” of questions regarding the requirement of water/wastewater treatment and delve into their intentions to do so.

We go an extra mile to see that the client is out of their water/wastewater issues.

What are the skills required for wastewater treatment system in order to succeed in the work?

Water and Wastewater treatment is the future and as every line of business which emerges as the next big thing, is now flooded with people who have different aims and visions. Apart from mandatory Technical skills, one’s vision and aim should be clear and focused towards water saving, recycling and reuse. Any design should not only be viable in CAPEX and OPEX but should also operate properly, continuously and as per design, keeping in mind that the client’s forte is Manufacturing/Service etc. and not wastewater treatment, which we as a water & wastewater professional should understand and which is one of the most important skills.

What is your strategy to reach customers?

Educating and Informing the customer is the only strategy we use.

What are reasonable precautions to take if one is not certain about the quality of their water?

Precautions to take if one is not certain about their water/wastewater quality:

  • Enough bank balance/Liquid funds necessary to manage all inconveniences, fines, urgent machinery and equipment required for water treatment and disposal.
  • Mentally prepared to take a dent in the brand name and social identity.

Tell us something about your achievements and recognition?

  • Our achievement lies in the satisfaction of our clients and to see our plants/systems working for years.
  • Our first plant installed back in 2017 was recently again given a “Satisfactory Performance Certificate”.
  • We have experience of working on wide variety of effluents which is evident from our 30+ projects in past 4 years.
  • We always get repeat orders from our customers.
  • We have received back every performance bank guarantee we give for our projects.
  • We are recommended by our clients for any work in Water & Wastewater.

What are your upcoming projects?

  • Wastewater Recycling for Speciality Chemicals manufacturer for Zero Liquid Discharge.
  • Pure Water generation with >85% recovery.
  • Treatment of sewage water using MBR and recycling it for landscaping and usage in cooling tower, after filtration.
Year of Founding2017
Funding InformationSelf-Funded
Founding MembersAditya Pratap Singh, Lipsa Singh & Vishwajeet Keshav Shrivastava
Office LocationsAhmedabad, Gandhinagar & Indore
Company Strength16

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