The broken education system

14. The broken education system The 10 Best Leaders in E Learning Industry 2022

It is tempting to return to life before this terrible pandemic strikes. There is no doubt that those of us who love the buzz of a school community, the thrill of teaching, the boundless energy of children have missed out on those compelling and life-affirming conversations.

Our current school system is made for the past, not for the future. Schools train kids to work in factories, they make them sit nice and tidy, put their hand up if they want to speak, give a short break to eat and get +A, sign grade A meant Do it. Schools educate all children in the same way they do not focus on individuals, they give an equal education to all children even though they know that each child has a different mindset. Imagine if a doctor gave the same medicine to all his patients, the results would be horrifying, yet this is happening all over the world.

The Indian education system has several issues that have stopped its evolution. Indian government and institutions are working to improve the existing education model but there are still several issues that require attention.

  • Rote learning:

Education has progressed with time but still, rote learning is a part of our education system.

·        Evaluation system:

Marks are still the most important part in deciding the future of students which acts as a burdening factor. The pressure of marks often affects the performance of students.


·        Untimely introduction of technology:

Renaissance of technology is part of our daily life and in such a situation, technology and the education system cannot be kept apart for long.

Students must be taught about technology from the dawn of their education so that it doesn’t introduce itself like an alien thing in their later years of education.

·        Unequal respect to the subjects:

Our current education system is a place where the science stream topples the stream hierarchy. Subjects like languages, communications, arts are not respected and not considered high-profile.


·        Non-Personalized education:

Our education system needs to understand that every student has a unique absorption power. So, the teaching method used cannot be kept the same for every student of a class.

While a teacher can’t pay detailed attention to every student, schools should opt for the use of technologies like artificial intelligence and chatbots that can assist the teachers to pay better attention to individual students.

How To Solve It?

  • There are many ways to learn a topic or concept. Some require several concrete examples for students to understand and conceptualize or idea, others only need an abstract explanation. Some students are visual learners, others need to be actively involved in the process, others learn through presentations.
  • Students do not all learn at the same pace. Some students take more time than others to assimilate a particular subject. The opposite may be true for a different subject. Classes need to engage and challenge all students, but at the same time allow them to proceed at a comfortable pace.
  • A teacher is not always needed. Some subjects indeed require a teacher, not all subjects. Some subjects can be learned by individuals or groups through collaboration and independently of an instructor.
  • Education is not a one size fits all process. Some students learn best in different settings such as: with a teacher or they prefer to explore it on their own. It also depends on the subject, some students who learn better in one subject alone may learn better in a small group in another.
  • Tests do not reflect efficiency. It is necessary to evaluate the proficiency of the students in the subjects. The purpose of the assessment is to identify areas of weakness so that the student can improve in these areas. However, in many cases, the tests simply do not reflect the proficiency of the student. When standardized tests are involved, teachers can focus on teaching what will happen on the test, rather than focusing on skilling students.

Good Education is the groundstone to the development of every student’s knowledge, skills, and attitude. With changing times, there is a definite need to evolve our education system from rote to concept. Hopefully, the education system will reform itself to give our children a better chance to be successful in their life.

Amrin Ahmed

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