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We recognise that Chronic Kidney Disease and its treatments, such as hemodialysis, take a toll on the patient and their family.

It’s exhausting on a physical, emotional, and financial level.

We hire the best technicians, who are hand-picked after completing rigorous questionnaires and practical exams to guarantee that they can deliver The Renal Project promised level of patient care.

The Renal Project: A company located in Mumbai was founded with the goal of revolutionising the availability and delivery of dialysis therapy to the growing number of kidney patients.

The Renal Project intends to open micro-centres around India in order to reach the underserved terrain.The Renal Project plans to open micro-centres across India in order to penetrate the landscape that needs it.


Filling the Gap

Every year, 200,000 new instances of chronic renal disease are added to the existing population.

According to a survey conducted by the late Mr. Arun Jaitley in 2016, the country is short roughly 3.4 crore dialysis sessions.

These are alarming figures.

The Renal Project collaborates with medical facilities to ‘fill the gap’ where dialysis clinics are unavailable, thanks to its scalable scale of centres ranging from 2 to 40 beded centres.


Easy availability of kidney care

Our vision is that no one should need to travel long distances to get the life sustaining therapy of dialysis every 2-3 days, spending time and energy travelling, an increasing risk of infection, fatigue and stress.

The Renal Project™ has a pan-India outlook to help the country and the affected patients cope up with the dearth in easy availability of kidney care.

Shashank Moddhia – Founder

Shashank understood that his experience and expertise were more needed in the hinterlands of India than in the cabin of a global firm after spending nearly a decade in the United States overseeing the Asia Pacific region for kidney care products.

The foundation was laid during a three-month partnership with Ashwini Kidney Dialysis Center in Nagpur, which was led by renowned nephrologist Dr Dhananjay Ookalkar.

The solutions to the issues and opportunities in patient care, cost-effective management, and improved internal processes started to emerge.

Care and Compassion for each patient and kin.

Clean and safe environment for patients and kin.

Continuous improvement to make life better for our patients and personnel.

Culture of efficient use and functioning of resources as an organization.

Our Dialysis Centers

  • Quiet and Peaceful Environment.
  • Exclusively HHH+ / HHH- Centers.
  • ICU & Emergency Facility.
  • World-class Patient Care & Infection Control.
  • Highly skilled, Trained & Courteous Staff.
  • Best Consumables & Equipment.
  • In-house Software for World-class Management.
  • Affordable Rates & Ethical Culture of Working.
Industry Hospital & Health Care
Company size 11-50 employees
Type Privately Held
Founded 2019
Sources and references Renal
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