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5.Vaibhav Jain, Founder- THE SIXTH SENSE EDUCATION- Top 10 Promising Startups in Education Technology 2022

The Sixth Sense Education is an initiative that helps children and teachers learn things creatively and more effectively. They provide e-learning solutions in the form of creative & good-quality lectures. The Sixth Sense Education was started in October 2017, so “Every Child Can Build His Future On His Own.” With The Sixth Sense Education, ‘They’ provide Education: The Gift of Wisdom to all the children & adults, precisely every single person who desires to learn & GROW. Since its inception, they’ve provided their services to 500+ schools in Uttarakhand, covering Bageshwar, 136 schools in Haridwar, 75 schools in Rudraprayag, 75 schools in Pauri, 230 schools in Nainital, and 26 schools in Almora.

The subjects that they have focused on are Maths, Science, Social Science, and English. Their lectures are designed chapter-wise as per the NCERT syllabus and solved exercises, assessments, and essential notes in PPT format. However, they understand that some students still find it difficult to understand English; therefore, they have emphasized this subject by keeping their lectures in story format using animated visuals. In addition, the lessons are available in languages, which are: Hindi, English, and other regional languages.

NEET, IIT JEE & NDA programs are available in Hindi & English by focusing on Conceptual Clarity. In addition, their lectures make the learning quite interesting. In the end, students are given tests, assessments, and previous year question papers to help them evaluate their growth. Their counselors are trained and experienced professionals from India’s leading learning platform. They also specialize in streamlined counseling.

What Do They Offer?

At The Sixth Sense Education, they offer creative and quality smart classes for their four modules, namely.

  • School
  • Competitive Exam
  • Counseling
  • Spoken English and personality development program

Why You Should Associate With Them?

  • In just two years, they have provided their programs to 500+ schools in Uttarakhand.
  • Their lectures are engaging, entertaining, and full of knowledge.
  • Their e-learning setups are designed with animated characters which help in quick learning.
  • Their lectures are bi-lingual.
  • Their counselors are trained professionals from Pearson.
  • They are passionate, zealous, and determined to offer quality education.

To help students clear out their doubts, live support classes get conducted via video conferencing setup. It digitally connects teachers to the students. Their mobile application is under construction and soon students will be able to access all the lectures via their application. They offer smart presentations to the schools in remote areas having average internet connectivity, along with all the required hardware & technical team. They are known to offer a high-quality program in customized format (both hardware & software).

Their e-learning solutions for intermediate students are based on the NCERT syllabus and provided on smart classes. They have designed an impactful curriculum for PCMB students by providing more practical activities along with theoretical learning. The modules are explanatory which helps students to perform practical activities smartly.


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