The VR and AI Convergence: What the future holds?


The VR and AI Convergence: What the future holds?

Technology is the key to solve the problems in this fast changing world. We are surrounded by technology and rely on it for almost every task we perform. Whether it is about reading, communicating, learning or performing any other task; we almost rely on technological device. The funniest part is that, you are currently reading this article on a desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone.

Technology has changed our lifestyle and our needs as well. If we are hungry we can place an order through an application it will deliver food at our doorstep, if we want to educate our self we can register for online course and learn from home. But these are just basic software functions we currently have. Developers and scientists are focusing on future and have planned to combine VR and AI to introduce a new piece of technology.

We came a long way back from 2000 when we used to have different device for each task and now we have just one mobile phone which performs almost every task we expect. But, that’s not all, now we are witnessing drastic improvement and innovation in the technological advancements being made.

Era of Blending

We the humans have inculcated a habit of mixing two or more elements together to get better results. Same is going with Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. These technological arms have the potential to solve almost every problem of mankind. Virtual reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) aren’t exactly new; in fact they have been around us for a while now.

In recent time, there have been efforts made by the developers, researchers and scientists to introduce a technology which combines the qualities and features of VR and AI. This, highly anticipated project have the capacity to change the way we look at this world. It will create opportunities for many in the field of IT and can help in solving some issues in the field of education, healthcare and defence.

New level Experience of VR & AI

Witnessing the combination of these two technologies together will bring a drastic change in our lifestyle and overall market experience and some job profiles as well. Merger of these two technological arms will benefit a lot in long run with the speed we never experienced. Let’s dive into some of the industries which will be witnessing this combination in the early stage.


E-sports has gained lot of popularity around the globe and is valued as a Billion $ industry with a very high growth potential. There’s still a huge number of population who are not yet exposed to this industry. National and International E-sports events are being organized and participated mainly by the young crowd which tells us that how big it is.

But VR & AI convergence will not just benefit e-sports industry but also contribute in normal sports which are being played on real ground. Setting-up a smart simulation room for practice can help the players to work on their mistakes and improve their skills.

Technical Education

We are talking about technological advancements and how is it possible not to mention the technical education sector. Technical education sector further has multiple disciplines which are mainly, IT, Automobile, Agri-Tech, Civil Engineering, and from medical science perspective Healthcare. These education sectors will be the most benefitted one as they will be able to teach and learn from remote areas as well.

This will be a new level experience in the field of education as the teachers and students will learn and experience the words in to reality. VR will provide the existence and AI will provide the knowledge and explanation. Active inbuilt chatbots will be keen to watch as they will be answering to the queries of any kind.

Training Schools

There are few examples of Virtual reality simulators in driving schools which have a setup for Car as well as two wheel driving experience. There are some projects under development where, we will be able to simulate heavy vehicle driving experience. Defence forces of India are using this model to train their soldiers about the driving experience of trucks, bus, aircraft and few under development.

AI &VR will improve this by adding some instructions and commands to better learn the driving and save lot of fuel and also reduce the risk of accidents on field. There will be some sort of difference in driving a vehicle on road and in VR-AI box.

It will be crucial to watch, as the technology in this field grows.

Final Thoughts

We cannot predict the pace of development, but there’s already a discussion on table “how it will start shaping humankind and other living beings on earth”. It will definitely be considered to work with nature and respect its power as we have created a sort of destruction for our personal growth. These upcoming technologies will focus to neutralize our destructive practices and move towards sustainable model of living.

It will be too early to say what will exactly look like in the future with introduction to combination of two different technologies. However, we are pretty sure that, this will create an impact on our daily life which should be mainly positive.

– by Parag Ahire

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