Timus Tooling Sysytem Pvt ltd

10. Summit Kumar Managing Director Timus Tooling Sysytem Pvt ltd 10 Best Leaders in Automotive Industry 2022

Quality is the top priority

Timus Tooling Systems Private Limited, formerly known as Manorama Industries, are leading Importers of all types of Cutting Tools and Machinery used in Woodworking, Tube Mills, Tube, and Tubular Components, UPVC, and Automotive Component industries and are suppliers. They took their first step in this industry as a Proprietorship firm named Manorama Industries in the year 2013 under the guidance of their Managing Director, Mr. Summit Kumar. Their growth since then has been phenomenal and they have never looked back, all credit is given to their excellent team of professionals who work with full dedication to provide prompt service and support to their clients. For them, customer satisfaction is the top priority so they never compromise the quality of the products. They aim to provide the best quality products at the best prices in the market.

They have proven themselves to be a great company by associating with some of the multinational giants in their industry.

Why Choose Them? 

  • Quality And Commitment: They believe that quality products and services are the keys to success. All of their products deliver superior performance than any of our peers in the industry. They always make sure that they deliver more than 100% of their promises. They are committed to their customers’ success by providing them with world-class circular saws.
  • Customer’s Happiness: they are focused, dedicated, and committed to delighting their customers by providing them efficient and affordable solutions, exceptional service, world-class cutting tools, and technology.
  • Business Partner: Their suppliers are our business partners and the backbone of their organization. They are part of their team and they believe in complete transparency in their relationship with them. They strive for continuous exchange of information to develop the most efficient, consistent, and economical products and services for their customers.


They provide world-class sawing solutions for the metal and wood industry. They are a service-oriented company committed to providing the best Sawing Equipment and Technology at a very reasonable cost vs performance ratio which keeps our clients delighted.

They collaborate with their customers and address their biggest challenges. They apply their business insights to develop innovative solutions that deliver measurable business results, whether it is designing a new saw blade with innovative technology or providing technical training on the application engineering of saw blades. Excellence is a habit for them. They understand the needs of the customers and provide them with the best possible products that deliver superior performance. They aim to provide their customers with the lowest cost per cut in any application.

Website- https://timustooling.com/

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