Tork Motors: High-Performance Electric Vehicle and Charging Infrastructure Manufacturing Startup


Tork Motors, based in Pune, India, is a high-performance electric vehicle and charging infrastructure manufacturer.

Laying the Foundation Stone

From his childhood, Kapil Shelke, the creator and current CEO of Tork Motors, was a huge fan of automobiles and motorcycles. He was a collector of electric remote control cars, which he would smash and repair with pet kits available at the time. When he was in college, he saw a film about races on “The Isle of Man,” and it inspired him to create an electric motorcycle that he could compete there. It took just a few engineers and one man’s imagination to create an electric motorcycle capable of winning on one of the world’s most dangerous race tracks.

With a racing background and lessons learned from past races, the desire to race an electric motorcycle never waned. TTXGP began a tradition of being the first zero-carbon, zero-emission race to take place at the Isle of Man TT. To compete, Tork created the “T2X,” an enhanced racing motorcycle. This motorbike made TTXGP history by being the first motorcycle to win the most races.

Agni Motors offered Kapil a position as Production Manager on the electric motors production line after seeing the potential in Tork Motors’ electric motorcycles.

Kapil still wanted to develop a racing electric motorcycle, which was impossible with Agni Motors. During this period, Kapil was approached by a Chinese business called Zong Shen, who allowed him to construct electric racing motorcycles for their European squad. All of the team’s motorcycles finished first in every race they entered. It was a great move to build the Tork T4X and T5X motorcycles, as these were the motorcycles that heralded the victory of the Tork electric motorcycle era.

Kapil continued to want to make electric motorcycles for his own country, and he aimed to create an inexpensive, attractive, and intelligent electric motorcycle for the Indian masses. Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati invested in Tork Motors to produce an affordable electric motorcycle for Indian commuters. At the 2016 Auto Expo, the concept was staged as Tork Motors’ “T6X.”

Tork motors received a lot of feedback and a lot of excellent feedback after the Expo. The actual motorcycle has undergone numerous changes to provide a better experience for customers and to add more functions.

The motorcycle has gone through a lot of testing and has had a lot of different components adapted to it. Tork motors were supported by ‘Bharat Forge’ to encourage electric transportation in India.

The Tork T6X

India’s first electric performance motorcycle is the Tork T6X. The T6X is a thoroughbred from a stable of thoroughbreds, having shared the drawing board with Isle of Man TT, TTXGP finishers. The T6X introduces a slew of never-before-seen features for the savvy modern urban commuter, all powered by cutting-edge technology.

The Specialities of the bike are as follows:

1. Mobile App

It boasts a 4.3-inch TFT display, as well as app and cloud connectivity, making it the smartest motorcycle on the road.

2. Cruising Speed

The only vibrations you’ll feel are from your phone as it cruises at a comfortable 100 km/h.

3. Charging time

In just one hour, the T6X can illuminate up to 80% of its capacity.

4. Instant Torque

This bike is fastest at traffic lights because it has a huge 27 Nm of immediate torque from the minute you move.

5. Utility Storage

It contains a charging station for your phone and plenty of room for accessories.

6. Range

With a range of 100 kilometers per charge, petrol stations are a thing of the past.

Industry Automotive
Company size 51-200 employees
Headquarters Pune, Maharashtra
Type Privately Held
Founded 2010

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