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1.Mr Vikash Manoharan CEO tour On 10 Best Innovative Startups in India 2022

Making your travel journey special with customised plans as you want

Life is all about exploration. Very few take it seriously. When was the last time you went on a trip to the destination you wanted to? Of course, Chinas’ vigilant behaviour put a staggering halt on the tourism sector for a long time. Travel with restrictions was not enjoyable. 

After a long time, governments uplifted a few restrictions at tourist spots. But still, people were not confident to go out with unknown individuals in the group. There was a gap in the market where the public was searching for a reliable alternative partner that would help them visit their favourite destinations with their own choice. 

tour On, is one of India’s most unique startups from the hospitality industry, bridging the gap for many. They have some unique strategies and services that will make you go out for a vacation that is planned according to your choice. 

How did the journey of tour On kicked-off?

A fascination for business since childhood wanted to create something on my own. After many hits and misses, I felt the travel market was pretty much untapped in India. Not well organised. I wanted to change the traveller’s mindset and attitude toward the travel market in India.

With this idea, I started a travel company to cater to travellers, something that no other company does in India – tailor-made travel plans.

About the founder

A travel enthusiast & passion for commencing his own business inspired Vikash Manoharan to establish tour On. He has completed graduation in engineering and belongs to the IT background. Vikash has experience of working in a couple of well-known IT companies before establishing tour On.

Vision & Mission

  • Sustainable tourism
  • Educate travellers to travel with sensitivity to different destinations.
  • Change the way people travel in this country.

The team building

If you have the right person at the right job, there are fewer chances of losing your clients and customers. While selecting team members, Vikash put forward these aspects:

  • Started with a small team that did everything
  • Family-like bonding between the team members
  • Jovial with clients and gels well with them
  • Giving employees flexibility – creativity, expressiveness, opinions being-heard, and decision-making
  • Understanding personal and work-life balance
  • Giving them personal space to grow as individuals
  • Team strength is not in numbers but their connection and the quality of output.

This contributed in building a team that satisfied client requirements, as well as helped the company, grow.

The funding

It’s not an easy task to commence a startup in the hospitality industry that requires a high amount of expenses initially. Whether you just provide a tour package or have lodging services, there are multi-level expenses from marketing to nourishing the best industry service. 

Unique about tour On 

Travelling is fun when you have complete freedom of exploration. tour On is the best-in-class tour planner as it has a young & energetic team in action. Being a startup, they have made a significant impact, by introducing no prior package. Customised/tailor-made tour plans help the travellers finalise the travel destination they want.

tour On makes sure there is no interruption to your holiday due to any reason. They create a travel report which covers: weather reports, local cuisine, a list of attractions etc. Even travel tips are provided depending on the destination. tour On keeps its digital presence on high priority by staying active on its Website, Mobile Application, Instagram, etc.

tour On took an eco-friendly initiative by giving seed balls to travellers. It started on Women’s Day 2021.

When it comes to internal environment of the company, tour On keeps the workflow free. Employees have the freedom to express their opinions & ideas to showcase creativity. Flexible working hours are granted to make the work & employees efficient. Offices are placed inside Co-working bubbles in prime locations in the city, where amenities and infrastructure are ample and conducive for work.

List of Domestic & International trips

tour On can take you to any place in the world.

  • Current list of international destinations open for Indians: Dubai, Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, etc.
  • Most Popular Domestic destinations that our travellers go to: Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Kerala, Coorg, Andaman, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Delhi-Agra-Jaipur (the golden triangle) etc.

Customised trips with tour On

Our tours are ‘customised’ by the choices and preferences of the travellers. It is their tour, after all!

  • We make sure they get the best stays and arrange private transportation to their choice of sightseeing locations
  • If a traveller wants to travel only to perform adventure activities at a destination, we can put together a perfect tour plan for their tastes.
  • Or, if they are a history buff and would like to visit forts and museums at a destination, which can be planned to perfection, too!
  • Our team of experts are always at the back and call of the travellers and hence customisation happens seamlessly

About Gaia

Every traveller and explorer enjoy visiting places that are least visited or have an interesting fact to explore. Nowadays, people prefer to get information on the destination they are curious to visit from the internet. tour On has the proper tool for this demand. 

Gaia is their smart destination exploration partner, which displays information on popular tourist destinations. While speaking about Gaia, Vikash said:

  • Gaia is our interactive widget. She’s the rainmaker on our website!
  • We spent years perfecting her by feeding her location information for numerous locations around the world
  • We’re proud of Gaia! She’s our jewel 

Shift in post covid19 pandemic era

  • Private tours have more traction now
  • Small groups thrive over larger groups. Better to manage and lesser interactions, thus ensuring a lesser transmission rate (if any!) 
  • Tourism came out dead-beat after the pandemic.
  • Especially, Small businesses had it tough.
  • But travel seems to be back on everyone’s agendas now. Travel is picking up pace gradually. The era of Revenge tourism 

Plan to expand services

We have in mind a few different verticals to diversify into:

  • Make our presence felt in different cities in India (BLR, HYD etc)
  • Catering to tour plans to off-beat destinations that aren’t in the current market (e.g. Bora Bora, Fiji islands, Reunion Islands etc.)
  • Destination Weddings and events
Year of Founding2018
Founding MembersVikash Manoharan
Office LocationsAnna nagar, Chennai
Company Strength10 employees

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