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Dr. Johan Van Zyl, CEO, Toyota Motors Europe: Brexit and the European Electric Vehicle Market

Dr. Johan van Zyl, the CEO of oyota Motor Europe, who is retiring soon, recently spoke on the future of electric vehicles in Europe, their rapid growth in recent years, and more. He has stated that the company will continue to work with PSA to source its Proace and Proace City. He also stated that by 2035, Toyota will be selling hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

He also stated that additional hybrids, as well as battery-electric vehicles, will be introduced to the market. Toyota will also release a slew of plug-in hybrids. Toyota Motors’ next goal is to sell a million zero-emission vehicles in Europe by 2025, and to introduce a number of electric models by the end of this year. Europe, as a developed country, is in a good position to electrify because it has a Green Deal, renewable energy, and a fiscal structure to back it up.

Regarding the Brexit agreement, Dr. Johan stated that the UK has agreed to a free trade agreement, which will allow Burnaston to focus even more on cost competitiveness, allowing the company to build a stable foundation for the future. Finally, he stated that he is stepping down from all worldwide positions, including that of Toyota Motor Corporation. Dr. Johan, on the other hand, will return to South Africa, where he will continue to serve as chairman of Toyota South Africa.

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