Transport EG: Optimization of Supply Chain Flow Through Contemporary Technology


About tEG

The company started a sub-branch of Caliper Company Solutions which was established in 2012 as a leader in supply chain management and logistics in India, to enhance customers’ top-line and bottom-line business performance across sectors. Caliper is dedicated to improving and achieving breakthrough outcomes and operational efficiency across the Supply Chain Network and Logistics Ecosystem through its core solutions.

The cornerstones of every effective Supply Chain flow operation, according to Caliperians, are globally centralized planning, dynamic execution, and decision support intelligence. With decades of expertise and a team of top Supply Chain execution specialists with a high degree of customer focus and cooperation, Caliperians have guided people to create next-generation outstanding Supply Chain Logistics flow management solutions.

tEG 2.0 started as a next-generation Supply Chain network Logistics planning, optimization, and execution platform that allows all ecosystem players to improve efficiency at every level of the Supply Chain flow.

tEG Logistics planning and optimization engines, powered by Cloud Computing, AI, ML, and IoT, connect all stakeholders in the ecosystem in a single platform with a multi-dimensional workflow to execute and optimize logistics flow, from logistics services procurement to resource planning, allocation, dispatch, in-transit confirmation, and vendor payments.

Many of the world’s most successful companies have successfully implemented tEG to develop and maintain a Supply Chain “Decisive Competitive Edge” and to achieve their objectives by constantly improving and sustaining top-line and bottom-line business results.

Their Vision

The founders aim to see Caliper become one of the top three most desired worldwide organizations for innovating, automating, and improving Supply Chain Network Logistics flow efficiency by 2023. Their objective is to deliver unrivaled global supply chain and logistics efficiency with new digital processes that empower and link the entire supply chain ecosystem’s workforce.

Why choose tEG?

tEG is unique in that it addresses two vortices of their business domain:

1.Innovation : They see innovation as a fundamental skill allowing them to constantly deliver top-notch solutions and service support to their clients.

2.Technical Expertise : The company carries combined strategic and operational expertise of more than 100 years across 16 distinct business verticals, allowing them to understand the pulse of the industry.

Unique services :

The following features separate tEG from its contemporaries:

1.The innovative customizable workflows and custom rule engines developed by tEG discover the hidden capabilities (in real-time), allowing company managers to better use the surplus capacities.

2.tEG‘s sophisticated platform, which is driven by AI, ML, and IOT, helps optimize cost — from logistics services procurement through resource planning, allocation, dispatch, in transit, delivery confirmation, and vendor payments.

3.Within a few months of tEG implementation, supply chain network flow KPIs improved dramatically across 16 distinct industrial categories, resulting in significant top-and bottom-line improvements.

4.tEG delivers an integrated end-to-end real-time view of the whole workflow transaction, as well as lead indications to handle exceptions, enabling effective and timely control of global supply chain flow remotely.

Siddaraju H. V., Founder, and CEO

He is a Supply Chain and Business Management specialist, who began his entrepreneurial career to integrate Supply Chain Logistics flow operations by bridging the digital barrier across all stakeholders in the ecosystem. Before embarking on his entrepreneurial adventure, he spent over a decade setting up greenfield and brownfield Supply Chain Networks and overseeing entire operations for more than ten distinct business verticals. He is a specialist in creating Push and Pull Supply Chain Networks based on markets and organizational DNA. Throughout his career, he has effectively implemented and managed auto replacement models based on “Theory of Constraints” principles and seen corporate development turnarounds.

Industry Logistics & Supply Chain
Company size 51-200 employees
Type Public Company
Founded 2000
Company Strength 16
Story by Swiftnlift Business Magazine Company

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