What is Traqcheck?

Traqcheck is a company that provides AI services to hasten the HR processes through integrated background checks. Traqcheck has revolutionized the background check industry to improve workplace credibility, fair hiring, and national security. Companies can make rapid and incisive recruiting decisions if data is accurate and results are efficient. Their AI technology improves speed, efficiency, and compliance by reducing human error and reducing human error.

How does Traqcheck help companies?

  • Reducing risk and maintaining high standards in the workplace.
  • Improving productivity, efficiency, and human resource management
  • Transparent recruiting techniques to improve candidate experience.
  • Low-cost hiring at a large scale
  • Fair employment procedures to improve a brand’s trust.
  • Improving their applicant pool by differentiating their brand.

How do they work?

  1. Background Checks Powered by APITraqCheck can be easily integrated into a company’s existing HR systems thanks to their customizable connectors and background check API. Integrating gives the client access to an AI-powered platform that increases the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of background checks and identity verifications significantly. APIs allow developers to handle work more efficiently and personalize workflows. This improves the applicant experience without jeopardizing the technology stack. Their simple API documentation has the unique flexibility to accommodate every company’s use case.
  2. Intelligence from TraqCheckWhen compared to traditional background check businesses, TraqCheck’s technology can identify and filter data in a fraction of the time. With a unique identity matching technology, their platform boosts productivity by decreasing time spent on the human inspection. It also minimizes risk and improves accuracy.
  3. Technology on the Cutting EdgeTo assist companies in hiring and verifying consumers, their platform employs Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. In every type of paper, their patented machine learning algorithm can identify forgeries. The TraqCheck technology gives employers real-time results and makes the background check process more transparent. Employers can use TraqCheck analytics to better understand their HR data, allowing for more intelligent business practices.
  4. Onboarding New Hires QuicklyTheir technology helps organizations speed up their onboarding process by making background checks faster, kinder, and more transparent for candidates. The usage of attractive design and simple interfaces speeds up the onboarding process substantially. TraqCheck ETA delivers a better employer and applicant experience by properly predicting the anticipated completion time for each background check.
  5. Platform Integration Made SimpleAny existing HR system may be simply integrated with their platform. Companies can also use versatile and powerful Application Programming Interfaces to create bespoke solutions. This allows for greater automation and improves the speed and accuracy of the background check process.
  6. Thousands of data sources are available to connect with.TraqCheck accurately and precisely examines data from numerous sources. Companies may gain deeper insight into their employees by using sophisticated People Analytics. Companies may use these insights to make employment decisions that are more equitable and inclusive, as well as make more informed business decisions.

Companies can expedite their recruiting, adhere to fair hiring standards, and increase their applicant pool by concluding a variety of data sources. Companies may obtain real-time data analytics and background check findings from all data points with only one integration.

How is their background check system different from traditional background checks?

Traditional background checks require manual data extraction, which results in slow response times and human error. Their technology assists companies in maintaining compliance while also providing the greatest level of accuracy. TraqCheck searches hundreds of data sources in real-time using its proprietary Identity Matching Algorithm, which is based on technology.

How has AI helped the company achieve its goals?

  1. Faster Turnaround Times & More Efficient ScreeningsWhen compared to human procedures, Artificial Intelligence can structure, filter, categorize, and interpret data in a fraction of the time. With their technology, a company can screen candidates with fewer resources and in less time. Almost all background checks are completed in real-time, and the findings are delivered immediately.
  2. The highest level of precisionOur one-of-a-kind Identity Matching technology offers the greatest level of accuracy. Because the edit distance method makes the search fuzzy, it’s highly thorough. Their matching algorithms, as well as our search functions, are fully automated.
  3. System of Strong ComplianceBecause background check breaches may cost firms millions of dollars, TraqCheck’s compliance engine assists clients in staying on top of changing regional rules and regulations. Our unique data network uses all available criminal data sources to keep up to date in real-time. This one-of-a-kind Continuous Monitoring solution may be tailored to a company’s specific needs.
Industry Information Technology & Services
Company size  2-10 employees
Headquarters: New Delhi, Delhi
Type Privately Held
Founded 2020
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