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” Leveraging digital technologies to transform business practices”

About the Founder

Mr. V. Phanindra Kumar CEO, TrigunInfolabs Private Limited is a passionate entrepreneur and visionary with more than 2 decades of experience in the ICT Industry. He has worked through the length of the industry spectrum in various capacities including R&D, Product Management, Design & Development, Implementation, and IT Administration.

He says, coming from a middle-class family background, I was lucky to get exposed to my family’s intent to find solutions and organize life with limited resources and means available without compromising on good values and principles to which TrigunInfolabs Pvt Ltd still adhere too. And, this may have sparked my interest in entrepreneurship where my passion is to find innovative solutions, products, and processes to current and possible future challenges organizations could face.

Products and Services

Constant paradigm shift happening in the technology world today has had a tremendous influence and need for a smarter way of handling business in manufacturing and logistic industry requiring to adopt to much smarter ways of design and solutioning for last-mile delivery and warehousing. Traditional methods of supply chain management for unorganized sectors that encompass 3PL functions have a direct impact on ROI.

There are no standard best business practices for the unorganized sectors that are into Handling, Warehousing, and Logistics of Cement and Agro Products. Digital Transformation of these industries will require an in-depth understanding of the Business, its objectives, and an approach to identify how the emerging technologies would help in reaching them. Management needs to consider what digital transformation means to their organization—now and into the future.

Unorganized sectors involved in bulk businesses handling commodities like Cement and Agro Products must not shy away from Digitalization. This demands a sizable transformation to evolve from a distinct supply chain to a fully functioning digital value chain. The biggest challenge in this industry is to manage Logistics and Distribution which are directly affecting the costs. The only solution is to explore and leverage digital technologies to transform business models and bring innovative business practices.

Features of TrigunInfolabs

The very purpose of TrigunInfolabs Pvt Ltd is to explore and leverage digital technologies to transform business models and innovate business practices to create new value for our clients.

Having more than a decade of experience in solving supply chain problems across business verticals, our core team has also built various complex and scalable solutions. With this domain expertise, we at Trigun focus on unorganized bulk businesses handling cement and Agro Products by defining the best business practices and streamlining the processes.

Our challenge was to digitalise the operations by simplifying the Processes and creating ease of use user interfaces.

Our Product plaTform is a cloud-based solution that can be configured by 3PL Companies to deploy Handling, Warehousing, and Logistics solutions for all players in the value chain. We have addressed and automated most of the processes that are critical and essential for Cement and Agro Products. The design of Reports and Dashboards aims to impart critical information quickly and clearly to the users.

plaTform is an SCM solution for the processes and methods which improvises the management of the flow of Goods, Services, and Storage from the point of origin to point of consumption.

Clients & Target Industry

3PL Companies, Warehousing Companies, Distributors, Consignors, Consignees and Transporters who are a part of Supply chain cycle handling Bulk Business of Cement and Agro Products through By Rake, By Road and By Port Operations.

Client’s Testimony

TrigunInfolabs Pvt Ltd shared a heartwarming response that they received from one of their clients:

We are Avanthi Warehousing Services Private limited, a 40 years old organization primarily into Warehousing and Logistics of Fertilizers, Food grains, and Cement operating across AP and TS states. Before starting the journey we ran the organization using paper records and random excel sheets. So, any data/information used to take a long time to receive and needs a lot of coordination to gather, thereby impacting the decision making.

“We have onboarded the journey to digitize our operations so that there is a single instance of the truth of data which can be accessed by anyone, anywhere at any time. Also, reduce manual interventions, eliminate errors, and improve productivity. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find off-the-shelf products that suited our requirements. So, we have decided to build the tool, but we’re looking for someone who can understand our processes and build a standard tool that has utility beyond our organization so that the tool gets constantly improved. We have found the perfect partner in Trigun Info Labs, who have spent numerous days understanding each and every aspect of the business and user voice, before starting the tool development. Even during the development, there was seamless interaction between the development team and our team to get a balance between creating standard products versus too much customization.

Overall the tool came up quite well, it covers all the aspects of H&T or C&F operations, tool navigation is as per the process flows, User controls are built based on permissions required, checks and balances are built for quick auditing and seamlessly integrated with Tally for bookkeeping. We had internal resistance from teams for using the tool, but once people started using the tool, they were not ready to go back for the manual process even in case of any network issues. That in itself is a big testimony of the tool and its utility. With accounts integration, the tool has become our enterprise software.”

Mahesh Varma S

Executive Director

Avanthi Warehousing Services Private limited

“We want to transform our operations and business through digitization. We believe digitization would bring customer centricity, enhance effectiveness & efficiency in decision making, and improve overall working conditions”.

Founding Partners:Naresh, Swapna, Naren&Karthik
Industry:Information Technology & Services

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